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Complete & holistic approach to hybrid Active Directory (on-prem, Azure/Entra, M365, Teams)

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Are You Prepared for an Active Directory Forest Outage?

Instant AD Forest Recovery

Least-Privileged Delegation

Hybrid AD Change Alerting

Microsoft Intune Change Monitoring and Recovery

Instant Restore to Protect Hybrid Identities

Zero Trust Identity Administration and Identity Resilience to Secure Hybrid Active Directory

Instantly Recover Your Active Directory Forest with Cayosoft

Is Group Management Leaving Your Hybrid Active Directory Vulnerable?

Keep Active Directory Hybrid and Cloud Groups Accurate

Keeping Up With Azure AD Connect: Best Practices and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

When Active Directory Forest Recovery Has to Work

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Phone Number (DID) Pool Management

Streamlining Hybrid AD Change Monitoring & Recovery

Modernize AD Management: How Security & Efficiency Intertwine

Secure and Streamline Hybrid AD Group Management

Unify Hybrid Active Directory and Office 365 Governance with Cayosoft’s Comprehensive Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Solutions

Secure & Defend Active Directory with Modern Hybrid AD Management

True Impacts of an Active Directory Forest Outage

Why Cayosoft for Active Directory Forest Recovery?

True Hybrid AD/Office 365 Management

Restore Azure Roles

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Management

Microsoft 365 License Optimization and Management

Microsoft Groups Demystified: 5 Keys to Successful Group Management

Regain Control Over Microsoft Hybrid Group Management

Combating Cyberattacks in 2022: Prepare to Defend Your Active Directory

3 Modern Ways to Protect Hybrid Identities

Achieving Active Directory Resilience with Immediate Forest Recovery

Active Directory Forest Outages – What Really Happens

Active Directory Privileged Group Management

Active Directory Threat Detection: Keep Your Organization in Business

Advanced Threat Detection and Response for Active Directory and Beyond

Automate Hybrid AD/Office 365 User Provisioning with Cayosoft

Automated Hybrid AD User Provisioning

Avoid Hybrid Active Directory Outages: Unifying Change Monitoring and Recovery Across On-Premises and Cloud Platforms

Avoiding Active Directory Forest Recovery Failures | When Ransomware Strikes, Failure is Not an Option

Bring Control to Hybrid AD and Office 365 with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Instant Recovery for All Microsoft Directory Recovery Scenarios

Controlling Office 365 License Assignments and Costs with Optimizations and Advanced Management

Create Hybrid Microsoft Users

Does Your Company Have a Zero Trust Approach to Hybrid Active Directory?

Fortify Your Hybrid Office 365 Employee Offboarding Process: Best Practices for Data Security with Automated User Deprovisioning

Gain Control of Microsoft Teams Chaos

Guarantee Instant Active Directory Forest Recovery with Cayosoft

How Is Your Company Addressing Hybrid Active Directory Change Monitoring Complexity?

Hybrid AD/Office 365 User Provisioning: Secure and Simplify Hybrid AD and Office 365

Implementing a Zero Trust Approach to Hybrid AD & Office 365

Improve Visibility and Reporting for AD Hybrid and Cloud

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