Guarantee Instant Active Directory Forest Recovery with Cayosoft

With over 90% of organizations using Active Directory (AD), it is a prime target for cyber criminals. In fact, Microsoft stated 95 million AD accounts are attacked every day. When your AD goes down, business comes to a screeching halt resulting in lost revenue, productivity, and even reputation. In order to avoid these costly outages and ensure business continuity, organizations must become resilient to attacks and be able to proactively fend off threats.

Join this live session as we demonstrate how Cayosoft comprehensive solutions allow you to prepare for, defend against, and recover from cyberattacks and ransomware, and protect your critical Microsoft platforms, whether it be on-premises Active Directory, hybrid AD, Azure AD, or Office 365. In this demo, you’ll see how to:

  • Create a forest-wide backup plan
  • Create a forest-wide recovery plan
  • Schedule a forest recovery plan to create standby forests
  • Perform an instant forest recovery

Featured Presenter

Chad Nichols

Systems Engineer

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