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Easily identify issues and threats before they become security problems

Ensure Security and Minimize Risk with Active Directory Change Monitoring

The Challenges of Active Directory Change Monitoring Across Multiple Microsoft Platforms

As cyberattacks like ransomware and insider threats rise, it’s vital to monitor changes across Active Directory and Azure AD comprehensively. Traditional methods like security or event logs are insufficient, as they leave blind spots and are often targeted by attackers. Microsoft’s native auditing tools and legacy Active Directory change monitoring systems have many limitations, making it difficult to easily track and audit Active Directory changes. They often miss critical changes, especially those replicated from on-premises to the cloud, increasing vulnerability to attacks.

Cayosoft’s advanced auditing and threat detection offer real-time, unified Active Directory change monitoring across AD, Azure AD, and Office 365, surpassing traditional logs and SIEM tools. It alerts instantly and allows for manual or automatic reversal of unwanted changes. Adopting Cayosoft could be crucial in preventing security incidents or mitigating the effects of breaches.

Hybrid Change Visibility

Native methods and traditional tools lack the ability to easily track changes made across on-premises and cloud.

Streamlined Threat Detection

Disparate systems and tools make hybrid operations complex, making it difficult to identify and quickly resolve threats.

Automated Change Rollback

Cyberattacks and outages disrupt business operations. Swift action must be taken to identify and remediate malicious changes.

Why is Active Directory Change Monitoring Critical?


Average cost to recover from a ransomware attack.

24 Days

Time required to detect an attacker in a network.


Number of yearly cyberattack attempts on Azure AD.

Capabilities for the Ideal Active Directory Change Monitoring Solution

Detect Malicious Changes and Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

Today’s evolving threat landscape requires a modern, unified solution to uncover and track potential security issues and has become a must-have for any organization to ensure the availability of mission-critical systems, like Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, and Office 365 platforms. With Cayosoft, IT administrators can proactively identify unwanted changes, whether malicious or by mistake, as they emerge and respond to them before attackers have the chance to act, not only minimizing impacts on business continuity but possibly preventing costly outages all together.

Real-time Hybrid Change Monitoring

Continuously monitor for security risks, such as malicious actions or mistakes across AD, Azure AD, and Office 365.

Unparalleled Change Visibility

Gain complete visibility, in one pane of glass, then use built-in or customer queries to instantly zero in on suspect changes.

Real-Time Alerts & Audit Reporting

Be notified instantly of unwanted changes or schedule reports to proactively alert IT admins to security threats.

Instant Rollback of Unwanted Changes

Identify and isolate suspect changes to objects, attributes, GPOs, CAPs, and more, then instantly rollback those unwanted changes.

Threat Detection & Automated Updates

Ongoing updates ensure real-time detection of security settings and misconfigurations that leave hybrid AD vulnerable. 

Event Log & SIEM Enrichment
Track change history even when security logs or SIEM tools are compromised or bypassed.

Discover Cayosoft Guardian | Comprehensive Active Directory Change Monitoring Solution

Instantly Find and Fix Unwanted Changes Across All Your Microsoft Directories

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Cayosoft Guardian is the only True Hybrid, unified solution for change monitoring and auditing of on-premises Active Directory (AD), hybrid AD, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Office 365. With Cayosoft Guardian, you can continuously monitor, track, audit, and instantly rollback unwanted directory change and, if needed, automatically rollback known malicious changes or common mistakes. Cayosoft Guardian expands visibility across your entire Microsoft environment, enabling you to watch for early signs of compromise and detect possible vulnerabilities, stopping hackers in their tracks. With our unified approach to proactive AD security, you can easily find and instantly fix potential security issues, expose blind spots, reduce your attack surface, protect your highly privileged accounts, and minimize costly AD outages, all from a single console.

Cayosoft Guardian Features:
Continuous real-time auditing and change monitoring of Active Directory, hybrid AD, Azure AD, Office 365, and other critical Microsoft systems for suspect or unwanted changes to critical objects and settings.
Real-time proactive alert notifications, delivered through Microsoft Teams or email, of changes or potential issues that may require immediate attention.
Centralized, unified change history and tamperproof event logs with up-to-the-minute records of changes across critical Microsoft platforms and hybrid Active Directory.
Instant or automated rollback of unwanted changes to Microsoft identities, including Active Directory, hybrid AD, or Office 365 objects, attributes and more like group policy objects (GPOs), and conditional access policies (CAPs).
Built-in, custom, and audit-ready reporting for external compliance mandates such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, and SOX.

All-in-one instant recovery of Active Directory, hybrid AD, and Office 365 objects, attributes, partitions, group policies, and domain controllers, as well as instant Active Directory forest recovery.


Cayosoft software was specifically designed to manage and secure across hybrid Microsoft environments, including on-premises Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and more. With our True Hybrid approach and unified consoles, Cayosoft offers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for Microsoft identity administration and security.

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Cayosoft Guardian | Unified AD Change Monitoring and Recovery
Discover Cayosoft Guardian, the industry’s most comprehensive solution for AD change monitoring and recovery for hybrid Microsoft platforms.

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