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Cayosoft® Administrator™ delivers the only unified management solution that maximizes Security, Efficiency, Compliance, and IT Innovation for on-premises, Hybrid, and Cloud IT Investments. Cayosoft Administrator is truly different because it is the only complete solution for enterprise administration across Active Directory, Exchange, Hybrid and Office 365! 

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Microsoft Management & Protection Solutions

Hybrid User Provisioning

  • Active Directory User Management
  • Office 365 User Management
  • Simplify manual user creation
  • Create directly from HR/ERP/SIS data
  • Detailed user de-provisioning rules
  • Controls for SOX, PCI, HIPAA

Hybrid Office Management

  • True Hybrid AD Management
  • Hybrid Granular Delegation
  • Virtual OUs
  • Hybrid Group Management
  • Hybrid Self-Service
  • One portal for on-premises & cloud

Office License Management

  • Assign Office 365 Licenses by AD Group
  • Assign Office 365 Licenses by attribute
  • Automates license assignments
  • Monitors license use by user
  • Enforces license options changes
  • Analytics & billing reporting

Hybrid Group Management

  • Active Directory Group Management
  • Office 365 Group Management
  • Exchange DL Management
  • Automatically keep groups up-to-date
  • Granular rules target members
  • Eliminate costly manual operations

Azure AD Recovery

  • Immediate Recovery
  • Continuous Directory Protection
  • Single hybrid recovery solution
  • Beyond Recycle-bins
  • Change Alerts with rollback
  • Complements existing audit solutions

Hybrid User Self-Service

  • Easy to use Web Portal
  • Self-Service Group Management
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Contractor Account Expiration
  • Employee account management
  • Corporate Contact Directory

Awesome Free Tools

Visibility & Reporting

  • AD, Exchange, Office 365 & Azure AD
  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Free for any sized organization

 AD Admin Tools

  • AD Web Management Portal
  • 25-day free trial, then Freeware mode
  • Free for any sized organization

 Exchange Migration Tool

  • Move On-premises Mailbox to Office 365
  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Free for any sized organization

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