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True Hybrid enterprise management for Hybrid AD, Azure AD and Office 365

Hybrid Active Directory Administration Solutions

Challenge: Secure Identity Administration and Simplify Day-to-day Administration

Hybrid Active Directory (AD) is critical to the operations of approximately  80% of enterprises around the world today. If Hybrid Active Directory fails due to administrative mistakes or malicious changes then expensive outages occur and IT reliability goals are broken.  Native tools make hybrid AD and cloud administration more complex and time consuming as admins struggle through dozens of disjointed native user interfaces and dangerous scripts just for simple tasks.

Cayosoft Administrator solves the Microsoft Management problem both by securing and simplifying day-to-day tasks in a single easy to user interface. Cayosoft Administrator is the only complete management solution for your entire Microsoft cloud journey, from on-premises to hybrid, to the cloud. Every step of the way, Cayosoft Administrator drives security, efficiency, and governance over administrators, help desk staff, and over end users!


Over 47% of IT professionals have seen a spike in the frequency of insider threats in the past two years.

20+ Panes

Over 20 different native console panes may be needed to perform daily administrative tasks in hybrid Microsoft environments.


Most organizations see a 90% added in administrative burden after moving to hybrid or cloud.

Cayosoft Administrator Solutions

Tightly control how day-to-day admins, help desk and others perform administrative tasks. Roles, rules and a single unified interface make Hybrid AD,  Azure AD, and Office 365 easy to manage.

Automate common admin tasks such as updating user properties or maintaining group memberships

Increase security and eliminate costly errors with automated user provisioning

Simplify license management for delegated admins and reduce license costs up to 40% with Profiles, Quotas and Automation

Eliminate expensive support calls and improve service levels with Hybrid or Cloud Group Management and User Password Self-Service

Secure delegation over Microsoft Teams administration and Teams calling including Direct Routing and phone number management

The Key Platform Features

Single Pane of Glass for Admins and Help desk

Native tools require up to 20+ complex console panes to complete day-to-day administrative tasks in Hybrid Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, or Office 365 environment.  Additionally, not all necessary day-to-day tasks can be completed without insecure and complex scripting. Cayosoft Administrator delivers a single unified interface and a unified Roles and Rules architecture eliminating the complexity of delegating control to others and for completing admin or help desk tasks by those people.

True Hybrid and Future Proof Solution

One unified management solution that can connect and manage Active Directory, Azure AD, and Office 365; all from a single pane of glass. This provides a future proof solution at each step of the journey from on-premises only, in hybrid AD mode, and then eventually cloud only. Simple configuration adapts the software to the deployment mode currently in use.

Unified Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-based delegation provides complete control of what day-to-day administrators and help desk staff can see and do. Cayosoft allows you to delegate across and between systems with one unified set of easy-to-configure Roles enforce a granular, least-privileged administrative model over all of the systems being managed, even in complex hybrid environments. Roles do not require the user to hold native permissions, dramatically reducing the number of individuals requiring Domain, Enterprise, or Global Admin access.

Rule-Based Attribute Security

Administrator delivers a consistent way of performing every administrative tasks across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid systems.  Roles determine who can perform a specific task, Rules determine how that task must be completed for guaranteed consistency.  Generation of unique usernames, displaying drop-down lists with pre-populated values and controlling number formats are just a few examples of the control rules provide. 

Virtual Administrative Units

Like Organizational Units (OUs) in Active Directory, Virtual Administrative Units define administrative scopes where Roles and Rules can be applied.  When a delegated admin or helpdesk admin signs-on, they see the only the Virtual Administrative Units (vAUs) and the objects that fall within the vAUs scopes. Virtual Administrative Units can be defined by an on-premises AD OU, on-premise or cloud query, or an Azure Administrative Unit.

Runbook Automation of Common IT Tasks

Removing the human factor by automating the execution of complex IT tasks eliminates errors that can place security and compliance goals in jeopardy. Runbooks automate task execution without intervention, which means better efficiency as well as the ability to dynamically keep data accurate, helping to keep IT operating smoothly. 

True Hybrid 3-Tier Architecture

Unlike legacy management tools, Cayosoft Administrator was purpose built to directly manage on-premises, hybrid and cloud platforms; from a single solution. The software is able to work directly against any supported platform be it on-premises or in cloud. The software does this without agents, dangerous changes to your firewall or the need to work against a local and probably out-of-date cache.


Cayosoft software was specifically designed to manage and secure hybrid Microsoft environments, including on-premises Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and more. With our True Hybrid approach and unified console, Cayosoft offers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for Microsoft identity administration and security.


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How Cayosoft Compares

Microsoft Identity Administration


Time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone IT administration

Common Result: Costly security and compliance failures and outages.


Legacy AD management tools designed decades ago

Common Result: Can only manage hybrid environments with the help of scripts, bolt-ons, and additional products


Purpose-built to secure and streamline identity management and IT administration across on-premises Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and hybrid environments.

Administrator FAQ

Administrator manages Microsoft platforms both on-premises and in the cloud.  This includes: 

  • Active Directory 
  • Exchange 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Exchange Online 
  • Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Yes. Administrator uses granular, Role-based delegation for implementing least-privileged access.  One unified set of easy-to-configure Roles enforce a granular, least-privileged administrative model over all of the systems being managed, even in complex hybrid environments. 

No, they are not required, but Administrator will see any existing schema extensions and can be used to manage them.

Cayosoft Administrator usually installs in less than one hour.

Configuration time varies based on which areas of functionality being used.  Self-service group management can be set up in as little as an hour, while self-service password management usually takes about 2 hours.  Complete setup of user provisioning, including integration with HR systems (or other systems of record) may take 1-2 days, depending on the responsiveness of HR or other departments in the organization.

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It’s estimated that the provisioning process can cost between $15 and $60 per user – and that’s just for the account creation. When adding in the costs associated with updating or deprovisioning the account, those numbers climb even higher.


Cayosoft Administrator: The Best Way to Manage the Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise

While clear benefits drive IT to embrace Microsoft’s hybrid and cloud platforms, the move can jeopardize security, efficiency, and compliance goals. Legacy solutions that sustained these goals in the past cannot adapt easily to hybrid and cloud, and often become barriers to adopting these new platforms.