Active Directory Security and Governance

Modern AD Management and Protection

When Active Directory fails, expensive outages are sure to follow. Active Directory is critical to operations, regardless of whether you’re using exclusively on-prem Active Directory, Azure Active Directory or hybrid AD.  Native tools fail to control how admins work with Active Directory, forcing them to constantly perform time-consuming repetitive maintenance. Relying on memory, error-prone manual procedures or potentially dangerous scripts is no way to run IT.  Active Directory requires secure management and ongoing protection to avoid outages and eliminate end-user down time, even as organizations journey to the cloud.

The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite helps organizations secure, manage, monitor and recover Active Directory, regardless of where you are on your journey to Microsoft 365. 

Secure Hybrid Administration

Implement a single set of roles and granular permissions in a privileged access model. Provision, manage groups, provide self-service and more without complex scripts.

Recover Active Directory Everywhere

Minimize downtime with change monitoring and immediate recovery of on-prem, Azure & hybrid Active Directory. 

Provision and Deprovision Users

Improve security and put new users to work faster with automated user account provisioning and deprovisioning.

Automate Group Management

Automate and delegate group management.  Flexible and granular membership rules automatically add or remove members without human involvement.   Allow group managers to securely modify memberships. 

Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite

The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite is purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, helping organizations to ensure security and protection, improve efficiency, and sustain compliance as they journey to Office 365 and Azure AD. 

The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite includes:

Cayosoft Administrator – True hybrid administration! From on-prem to Microsoft 365, Cayosoft Administrator delivers a single solution to automate and streamline day-to-day IT administration. Administrator simplifies management with role-based delegation, rule-based automation, self-service, Office 365 license optimization and more.

Cayosoft Guardian – True hybrid recovery! Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. Through a unified view, Guardian monitors all directory changes and empowers administrators to understand and rollback those changes quickly.

With friendly subscription-based licensing and responsive support Cayosoft is proud of its 99% customer retention rate. 

Ready for the Hybrid and Cloud IT Journey?

Purpose-built from the beginning with hybrid in mind, Cayosoft manages and protects Microsoft platforms anywhere.

Role-Based Security

Role-based security makes it simple to delegate what day-to-day administrators and help desk staff see and do within Cayosoft Administrator. One unified set of easy-to-configure roles enforce a granular, least-privileged administrative model. Roles do not require the user to hold native permissions, so you can dramatically reduce the number of Domain, Enterprise, or Global Admins.

Rule-Based Administration

Rules provide a consistent way of performing administrative tasks across on-premises or cloud systems. When a task requires automation or ongoing enforcement, a rule can be created that queries the underlying system and then takes action, if necessary.

Enforce IT Policies with Business Rules

Ongoing IT policy enforcement is critical for maintaining security and for sustaining legal or regulatory compliance goals. Cayosoft helps make sure that key IT business policies are being enforced. Optionally, Cayosoft Administrator can be configured to take action in the target system to correct policy violation.

Eliminate Complex Scripts

Microsoft’s native tools completely lack automation and IT rule enforcement. Microsoft PowerShell, while powerful, can be confusing and difficult to support. Relying on scripts requires in-house scripting skills and expert knowledge about the systems, applications or directories to be modified. Even with the time and money to build scripts, it can cost even more to support them long-term. Scripting things correctly, even PowerShell, is time consuming and expensive.

Obsolete Object Retention Policy Enforcement

Permanently delete users and groups after a suspension period or defined date and time.

Email Notifications

Built-in email notifications allow administrators, help desk staff, managers, mobile, or desktop users to receive important alerts and information. Email alerting is an optional part of each alert scenario and works with popular SMTP Servers like Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Real-Time Visibility and Basic Reporting

At the heart of Cayosoft Administrator is data discovery. Administrator works by connecting and querying a source system like Active Directory, an Excel CSV file, or a cloud application.  Administrator then filters, sorts, and analyzes the information to determine if any action is needed.

Bulk Administration

Bulk management avoids wasting valuable time and possible errors that come with manually updating larger numbers of user accounts and other objects.

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