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Cayosoft Customer Summit 2024

Over the last year, our team has worked diligently to develop exciting, new features and updates to improve our solutions. Join us for a special event, exclusively for Cayosoft customers!

April 9, 2024


Instantly Recover Your Active Directory Forest with Cayosoft

Active Directory (AD) is the core identity infrastructure for most organizations but is also targeted and exploited in most cyberattacks. Recent headlines have highlighted the devastating impacts of prolonged downtime,...

October 19, 2023


Streamlining Hybrid AD Change Monitoring & Recovery

Your hybrid Active Directory (AD) environment is complex. These critical systems have become a prime target for cyberattacks. On top of that, native limitations don’t give a complete picture of...

June 27, 2023


How Is Your Company Addressing Hybrid Active Directory Change Monitoring Complexity?

Many organizations operate across hybrid environments, like Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, and Office 365, making management complex. As cyber threats continue to evolve and native limitations on hybrid visibility...

June 21, 2023


Secure & Defend Active Directory with Modern Hybrid AD Management

Most Microsoft administrators live a delicate balance between efficiently managing the IT environment and applying strong cybersecurity measures. You gain more benefits and save time by addressing them together! For...

June 1, 2023


Modernize AD Management: How Security & Efficiency Intertwine

Over 90% of organizations use Active Directory (AD), whether it be on-premises AD, hybrid AD, Azure AD, or Office 365, to centralize their identities and access to resources, but delegating...

May 24, 2023


Advanced Threat Detection and Response for Active Directory and Beyond

Active Directory (AD) is a coveted cyberattack target. With AD and Azure AD (AAD) threats like Golden Ticket, DCSync, DCShadow, AAD Escalation of Privilege, it’s not a matter of “IF”...

May 9, 2023


Active Directory Threat Detection: Keep Your Organization in Business

Cyberattacks, like ransomware, choose Active Directory (AD) as a prime target because it is almost universally used by organizations for controlling access to critical IT infrastructure and resources. With attacks...

May 3, 2023


Implementing a Zero Trust Approach to Hybrid AD & Office 365

With cyberattacks continually rising, particularly ransomware/malware, securing your Microsoft environments has never been more critical. Whether you have on-premises Active Directory (AD), Office 365, and/or Azure AD, your identities and...

April 11, 2023


Does Your Company Have a Zero Trust Approach to Hybrid Active Directory?

Managing hybrid Active Directory (On-prem AD, Azure AD, Office 365, Teams) as a cohesive whole is exceedingly difficult. The more difficult, the greater chance of misconfigurations or gaps that can...

April 5, 2023


Cayosoft Customer Virtual Summit 2023

Over the last year, our team has worked diligently to develop exciting, new features and updates to improve our solutions. Join us for a special event, exclusively for Cayosoft customers!

March 28, 2023


Secure and Streamline Hybrid AD Group Management

Ineffective group management can expose your organization to cyberattacks and malicious attempts, often with detrimental effects, like costly outages or damage to reputation. Furthermore, hybrid AD group management (on-premises AD,...

March 22, 2023


Is Group Management Leaving Your Hybrid Active Directory Vulnerable?

As potential threats continue to rise, organizations must have unwavering strategies to secure their vital Microsoft environment, starting with their identities and access to resources. However, managing group membership across...

March 15, 2023


Guarantee Instant Active Directory Forest Recovery with Cayosoft

With over 90% of organizations using Active Directory (AD), it is a prime target for cyber criminals. In fact, Microsoft stated 95 million AD accounts are attacked every day. When...

March 2, 2023


Automate Hybrid AD/Office 365 User Provisioning with Cayosoft

Administration over hybrid Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 is time consuming and error prone. Even the simplest of tasks require toggling between multiple screens and dozens of manual steps...

February 7, 2023


Hybrid AD/Office 365 User Provisioning: Secure and Simplify Hybrid AD and Office 365

Manually managing the user lifecycle across hybrid Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, or Office 365 is complex, error prone, and insecure. Furthermore, improper user provisioning and deprovisioning processes can leave...

February 1, 2023


Unify Hybrid Active Directory and Office 365 Governance with Cayosoft’s Comprehensive Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Solutions

Microsoft platforms are critical for keeping organizations running properly, making its security a top priority for IT. However, managing hybrid Active Directory (AD) is complex, error prone, and time consuming,...

January 17, 2023


Bring Control to Hybrid AD and Office 365 with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

As security threats continue to rise, Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 owners must implement strong, yet efficient, controls to ensure AD can withstand cyberattacks and insider threats. Unfortunately, managing...

January 11, 2023


Microsoft Ignite

Learn how Microsoft and partners create inspiring new business opportunities, find the latest solutions, and expand your partner community.

October 12, 2022


Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit

Cayosoft is proud to be a sponsor for Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2022. Identity and access management (IAM) and IT leaders will come together to explore the latest...

August 20, 2022

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