Advanced Threat Detection and Response for Active Directory and Beyond

Active Directory (AD) is a coveted cyberattack target. With AD and Azure AD (AAD) threats like Golden Ticket, DCSync, DCShadow, AAD Escalation of Privilege, it’s not a matter of “IF” an attack will happen, but “WHEN”. Reviewing techniques for early detection and remediation is just one way to get prepared.

Join this live demonstration of Cayosoft’s comprehensive threat detection solution. We will look at real-world examples of AD attacks – how they begin, are detected by Cayosoft, and remediated through varying means. You’ll see how to:

  • Continually scan your environment to identify misconfigurations & open settings that lead to easy attack paths
  • Immediately pinpoint who, what, & when & automatically get alerts of suspicious behavior
  • Prevent particular changes from happening & write rules to prevent a situation from occurring
  • Recover instantly if attacks go too far

Featured Presenter

Chad Nichols

Systems Engineer

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