Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite

Cayosoft Administrator and Guardian combined into one comprehensive solution to secure and protect hybrid Active Directory

Manage, Monitor, and Recover Microsoft Environments

Complete Security and Management across On-Premises Active Directory, Azure AD, and Office 365

The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite is purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments as they journey to Microsoft 365 and Azure AD. 

From user provisioning and group management to change monitoring and recovery, the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite helps organizations ensure security and protection, improve efficiency, and sustain IT compliance.


Most organizations see a 90% increase in administrative burden after moving to hybrid or cloud.


The average cost to recover from a ransomware attack is $1.85 million.

21 Days

Companies experience, on average, 21 days of downtime after cyberattacks and ransomware incidents.

How Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite Excels - The Key Features

Streamline Hybrid Administration

Maintain complete control of what day-to-day administrators can see and do. One unified set of easy-to-configure Roles enforce a granular, least-privileged administrative model over all of the systems being managed, even in complex hybrid environments. With Cayosoft Administrator, organizations provision and deprovision accounts, automate group management, optimize Microsoft 365 license management, and more, all from a single solution purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments.

Protect Hybrid Identities and Recover From Suspect Changes

Monitor real-time changes to users and their access across Active Directory everywhere in one unified platform. Change alerts ensure a fast response to thwart attacks, protect privileged identities, and secure sensitive information.  Identify and rollback privilege escalation with Cayosoft Guardian before attackers have a chance to act. Instantly rollback a single change or group of similar changes from a secure, continuous backup.

Minimize Outages and Downtime

Detect and recover from unwanted changes across Active Directory, Azure AD, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Exchange Online settings in a single, unified platform with Cayosoft Guardian. Break away from managing multiple legacy auditing and recovery tools, fumbling with backups, and deciphering cluttered logs.

Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite

The Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite enables you to manage, monitor, and protect your Microsoft environment, including on-premises, Microsoft 365, and hybrid environments, in a single offering. With friendly, subscription-based licensing and responsive support Cayosoft is proud of its 99% customer retention rate.

Cayosoft Administrator

Manage and Automate On-Prem and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Administrator solves AD Management problems with roles and rules designed to provide delegation and control over key day-to-day admin tasks so you can concentrate on keeping AD running as expected.

  • Hybrid AD Administration
  • Automated Group Management
  • Automated User Provisioning 
  • Microsoft 365 License Optimization
  • Password & Group Self-Service
  • Microsoft Teams Management

Cayosoft Guardian​

Recover and Protect Azure AD and Hybrid AD

Cayosoft Guardian recovers and protects Azure Active Directory and hybrid AD data. With Guardian monitoring all directory changes, administrators can quickly see, understand, and rollback mistakes or malicious changes across their entire hybrid AD environment. 

  • Hybrid Change Monitoring
  • Identity Protection
  • Instant Recovery
  • Minimize Downtime

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Case Study

Citrus Health Improves IT Efficiency and Maintains Compliance with Cayosoft

“Before we had Cayosoft, it was me and my CIO creating Windows accounts because there were too many steps that required permissions that the help desk staff didn’t have. With delegation in Cayosoft Administrator, the help desk can now do this, as well as use Cayosoft for group management, password resets and managing mailbox permissions.” 


3 Modern Ways to Protect Hybrid Identities

We discuss the blind spots in native logs and how undetected mistakes and malicious privilege escalation can wreak havoc on your organization.   Topics include:

  • The importance of a least-privileged delegation model 
  • Going beyond event logs to monitor identities for suspect changes
  • Planning for the recovery of identities impacted by unwanted changes

A Comprehensive Solution: Management and Protection Suite

Purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite offers a complete solution for security, protection, and efficiency, by combining both Administrator and Guardian into one comprehensive package.

Please complete and submit the demonstration request form and we will contact you shortly. If you would prefer to speak with a Cayosoft Sales Representative then please call us at +1 (614) 423-6718.

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