Active Directory Threat Detection

Detect and quickly respond to a growing list of advanced threats

Identify and Respond to Threats with Active Directory Threat Detection

The Challenges of Active Directory Threat Detection Across Multiple Microsoft Platforms

In today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape, safeguarding Active Directory (AD) is critical to maintaining the security posture of any organization. Active Directory serves as the cornerstone for authentication and authorization for over 90% of organizations worldwide, making it a prime target for malicious actors seeking unauthorized access or privilege escalation. 

Detecting threats in Active Directory requires more than just monitoring changes; it demands proactive identification of suspicious activities and potential security breaches. To combat these threats effectively, organizations must employ robust Active Directory threat detection solutions.

Why Cayosoft?

Instant Alerts

Unlike alternatives, we alert you immediately when a threat is uncovered. Time matters − sooner you know, sooner you can address.

Continuous Threat Definitions Updates
As new threats are identified new threat definitions that identify those threats are automatically added to the product so the product becomes smarter over time. Cayosoft is the closest thing to Anti-Virus for Active Directory.
Free Threat Detection

Compare us to what you use today − see if we find threats they don’t. Setup is quick and easy, what do you have to lose? Try for free today!

Why is Active Directory Threat Detection Critical?

24 Days

Time required to detect an attacker in a network.


Average cost to recover from a ransomware attack.


Increase in identity attacks in 2023 (up to 30 billion per month).

Capabilities for the Ideal Active Directory Threat Detection Solution

Detect Malicious Changes and Respond Before Attackers Have the Chance to Act

Implementing an Active Directory threat detection solution is essential for organizations looking to bolster their cybersecurity defenses and safeguard sensitive assets stored within their AD infrastructure. With Cayosoft, proactively identify threats as they emerge and respond to them before threat actors attack. Like antivirus for computers, identity threat detection and response (ITDR) is the antivirus for AD.
Advanced Identity Threat Detection & Response

Utilize threat intelligence, like indicators of exposure (IOEs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs), to uncover advanced attacks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuously monitor across AD, Azure AD, and Office 365 for unwanted changes, suspicious actions, and misconfigurations.

Real-Time Alerts

Be notified instantly of unwanted changes or proactively alert IT admins to security threats through scheduled reports.

Rollback of Unwanted Changes

Identify and isolate suspect changes then instantly rollback those unwanted changes.

Automated Response

Mitigate detected threats swiftly with automated response mechanisms, like automatically revoking unauthorized access privileges.

Compliance Reporting
Detailed compliance reports help organizations demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and internal security policies.

Your Free Threat Detection Security Guardian

Instantly Find and Fix Threats Across All Your Microsoft Directories

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Cayosoft Guardian is the only unified solution for threat detection and recovery of on-premises Active Directory (AD), Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Office 365. With Cayosoft Guardian, you can identify, continuously monitor, track, and instantly rollback threats and, if needed, automatically roll them back. Cayosoft Guardian expands visibility across your entire Microsoft environment, enabling you to watch for early signs of compromise and detect possible vulnerabilities, stopping hackers in their tracks. With our unified approach to proactive AD security, you can easily find and instantly fix potential security issues, expose blind spots, reduce your attack surface, protect your highly privileged accounts, and minimize costly AD outages, all from a single console.

Cayosoft Guardian Paid Features:

Streamlined, unified threat detection across critical Microsoft platforms, with expansive library of Active Directory threats, like AdminSDHolder and Golden Ticket attacks. To learn more, see the growing list of threat definitions.

Continuous real-time monitoring of Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365, and other critical Microsoft systems for suspect or unwanted changes to critical objects and settings.

Real-time proactive alert notifications, delivered through Microsoft Teams or email, of changes or potential issues that may require immediate attention.
Instant or automated rollback of unwanted changes to Microsoft identities, including Active Directory, hybrid AD, or Office 365 objects, attributes and more like group policy objects (GPOs), and conditional access policies (CAPs).
Built-in, custom, and audit-ready reporting for external compliance mandates such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, and SOX.

All-in-one instant recovery of Active Directory, hybrid AD, and Office 365 objects, attributes, partitions, group policies, and domain controllers, as well as instant Active Directory forest recovery.

Supported Platforms

Cayosoft software was specifically designed to manage and secure across hybrid Microsoft environments, including on-premises Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and more. With our modern approach and unified consoles, Cayosoft offers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for Microsoft identity administration and security.

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Resources For Active Directory Threat Detection


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In this webinar, learn identity threat detection and response (ITDR) strategies to quickly detect and respond to attacks.


Protect AD Before, During, and After a Cyberattack with ITDR

Resilience strategies must be utilized to harden directories and minimize attack surfaces. Learn why ITDR is key to securing your Active Directory.

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Cayosoft Guardian | Unified AD Threat Detection and Recovery

Discover Cayosoft Guardian, the industry’s most comprehensive solution for AD threat detection and recovery for hybrid Microsoft platforms.

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