Active Directory Threat Detection: Keep Your Organization in Business

Cyberattacks, like ransomware, choose Active Directory (AD) as a prime target because it is almost universally used by organizations for controlling access to critical IT infrastructure and resources. With attacks to AD, Azure AD, and Office 365 increasing, Microsoft identity threat detection and response is a #1 priority for IT teams globally.

Join us as we dive into identity threat detection and response (ITDR) for AD, AAD, and Office 365 and discuss strategies to quickly detect and respond to attacks, as well as potentially prevent them and reduce impacts. From this presentation, you’ll understand how to:

  • Overcome native platform limitations
  • Identify existing misconfigurations & attack pathways
  • Detect in progress & persistent attacks
  • Monitor for security drift & suspicious changes
  • Minimize damage & quickly recover from unwanted changes
  • Implement full forest fault tolerance for instant forest recovery

Featured Presenter

Bob Bobel

CEO & Founder

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