Regain Control Over Microsoft Hybrid Group Management


Managing groups in Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD has often been a challenge for IT Admins. Along with being complex and time-consuming, Microsoft group management poses additional issues, like group sprawl and authorization creep, due to lack of visibility and control across entire hybrid environments with native tools. More importantly, groups represent a significant security and compliance risk, leaving organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. Recent studies indicate that most organizations have a large number of empty groups and numerous users have access to critical built-in privileged groups.

Join two leading experts, 20-time Microsoft MVP, Brien Posey, and Cayosoft Founder, Robert Bobel, as they share insights from their vast tenures in the Microsoft industry and discuss key concepts to regain control of Azure AD, Office 365, and hybrid AD groups. In this webinar, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Microsoft groups and governance, including topics like:

  • Compare & contrast: On-premises groups to Office 365 groups
  • Understanding how Office 365 has led to uncontrolled group proliferation
  • Exploring identity governance & privileged access management (PAM)
  • Ways to eliminate the chaos of group management

Featured Speakers

Robert Bobel

Founder & CEO, Hybrid AD SME

Brien Posey

20X Microsoft MVP, Commercial Astronaut Candidate

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