Active Directory Forest Outages – What Really Happens

No one thinks an Active Directory (AD) outage is going to happen them…but of course they happen! Don’t underestimate the value of having a “get back to normal” button. Cayosoft new patent-pending technology can bring back your AD in minutes. In this short video, you’ll see:
  • Cautions from your peers who’ve experienced an AD outage
  • Ability to bring back AD in minutes – best insurance policy
  • New patent pending approach to simplify & strengthen recovery

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Solution Brief

Instant Forest Recovery with Standby Directories

Cayosoft’s Instant Forest Recovery with standby directories is the breakthrough alternative to legacy forest recovery tools, providing true forest-level fault tolerance. Learn why this revolutionary technology is a clear choice when compared to legacy forest recovery.

Demo Short

Instant AD Forest Recovery

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery, with standby directory technology, is the breakthrough alternative to legacy forest recovery tools. See how to instantly recover your entire AD forest in this short video.

On-Demand Webinar

Avoiding Active Directory Forest Recovery Failures

Learn why AD recovery requires a modern approach and see how Cayosoft’s breakthrough Instant Forest Recovery eliminates the complexity of traditional tools and ensures your identities are recovered after cyberattacks.

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