Instant AD Forest Recovery

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery, with standby directory technology, is the breakthrough alternative to legacy forest recovery tools. In this short video, see how to:

  • Instantly recover your entire AD Forest
  • Create recovery plans & schedule automated recovery sites
  • Be assured your recovery will work when a cyberattack does occur

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On-Demand Webinar

When Active Directory Forest Recovery Has to Work

As cyber threats become more frequent and advanced, organizations must adopt both proactive and defensive security measures to safeguard against attacks. Explore the critical role AD recovery plays in maintaining business continuity and securing your hybrid AD.

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery is the only solution for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory continuous change monitoring, instant object and attribute recovery, partition recovery, domain controller recovery, and automated, instant full forest recovery.
Solution Brief

Instant Forest Recovery with Standby Directories

Cayosoft’s Instant Forest Recovery with standby directories is the breakthrough alternative to legacy forest recovery tools, providing true forest-level fault tolerance. Learn why this revolutionary technology is a clear choice when compared to legacy forest recovery.

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