Fortify Your Hybrid Office 365 Employee Offboarding Process: Best Practices for Data Security with Automated User Deprovisioning

Nearly 4 million people left their left jobs in April 2021. Now being dubbed “The Great Resignation,” US workers are quitting their jobs at record rates. As employee turnover remains at these unprecedented levels, IT executives must ensure processes are in place to sustain security and compliance while ensuring employee productivity and end-user experience. While there is significant emphasis on new employee onboarding and user provisioning, it’s actually much more important, in terms of security, to have a comprehensive and timely offboarding process for when an employee leaves.

In this webinar, learn how to secure your hybrid Office 365 from onboarding to offboarding, and all the steps in between, including:

  • Understanding the stages of user account lifecycle
  • Best practices to secure & streamline your identity management
  • Implementing processes to efficiently provision & deprovision user accounts
  • Avoiding security breaches & sustaining compliance

Featured Speaker

Robert Bobel

Founder & CEO, Hybrid AD SME

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