Avoid Hybrid Active Directory Outages: Unifying Change Monitoring and Recovery Across On-Premises and Cloud Platforms

Operating across hybrid environments, like Active Directory (AD), Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Office 365 is extremely complex. With disparate systems and continuously evolving cyber threats, traditional event logs can leave blind spots that are prime for attack, representing a significant security risk. To stay on top of rising security threats, IT professionals must proactively identify unwanted changes and security vulnerabilities across their platforms, whether it be on-premises AD, hybrid AD, Azure AD, Office 365, or others.

Watch this on-demand webinar, as we discuss the often overlooked but crucial component of a defensive security strategy: monitoring hybrid and cloud Active Directory for changes. As native and legacy AD tools are lacking in these functionalities, organizations must take a unified approach to their identity security and require a modern solution for their AD change monitoring and auditing. In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Why native event logs & legacy change auditing solutions are not enough
  • The importance of isolating suspect changes & vulnerabilities in hybrid environments
  • Meeting compliance requirements & sustaining security, governance, & visibility goals
  • How to alert on critical changes, reverse unwanted changes, & prepare for a full AD forest outage due to ransomware or other factors

Featured Speaker

Robert Bobel

Founder & CEO, Hybrid AD SME

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