Replace Quest Software Legacy Tools with Cayosoft


Are you tired of expensive license requirements, too many applications to buy, and not enough updates? See how you can replace up to seven of the most popular Microsoft security and management tools with Cayosoft.

Hybrid Active Directory changes everything. Managing, monitoring, and recovery of your hybrid Microsoft environment is complex. While your AD management and security tools were once an excellent choice, their legacy architecture may no longer provide the security, compliance, and IT efficiency you now require.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how replacing legacy AD management tools with a hybrid-ready solution can protect your Active Directory with improved security, compliance, and day-to-day management efficiency. Watch as we showcase the impact of Cayosoft’s modern, TrueHybrid  architecture in Microsoft AD environments, with demonstrations  of Cayosoft solutions. See how with Cayosoft you can:

  • Manage, monitor, and secure your entire Microsoft environment in a single platform, including Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365 applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Exchange, as well as cloud-only users accounts, guest accounts, and license quotas
  • Implement a least privileged and zero trust, day-to-day administrative model
  • Quickly identify mistakes and malicious changes with continuous change monitoring, real-time alerting, and reporting
  • Easily rollback unintended changes with immediate recovery of AD, Azure AD, and Office 365 objects, attributes, and settings
  • Prepare for cyberattacks and improve your AD resilience with immediate forest recovery

Where we win:

  • Hybrid AD Management
  • Immediate AD Recovery
  • Continuous Change Monitoring
  • Service and support

Products we replace:

  1. Recovery Manager Active Directory
  2. Recovery Manager Forest Recovery Manager
  3. Recovery Manager Disaster Recovery Edition
  4. Recovery Manager OnDemand
  5. One Identity Active Roles
  6. Change Auditor AD
  7. Change Auditor OnDemand

Watch now to see why many customers have made the switch to Cayosoft! 

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Featured Presenters

Bob Bobel

CEO & Founder

Brian Piiralla

Systems Engineer

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