Combating Cyberattacks in 2022: Prepare to Defend Your Active Directory

As seen in recent years, cyberattacks and the threat of ransomware continued to reach new heights in 2021. Not only that, but we also saw threat actors targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, like water treatment facilities, gas pipelines, and healthcare, as we’ve never seen before. It’s predicted that cybercrime costs the world $6 trillion annually. So, what will we see in 2022 and how can you defend your organization?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint what upcoming challenges we will face. What we do know is that as the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, with increased sophistication of attackers, emerging attack vectors, and growing attack surfaces, organizations must take a multi-faceted approach to their security measures and enhance their defense capabilities in order to effectively thwart off attacks.

Watch on-demand as we reflect on lessons learned from last year and share strategies to help improve your identity security and prepare to build greater resiliency for your Microsoft platforms in 2022, including:

  • Understanding identity governance, identity administration, & identity resilience
  • Common cyberattacks targeting Active Directory (AD) & Azure AD
  • Why existing security information and event management (SIEM) & backup solutions are not enough
  • Detecting & immediately recovering from malicious changes or mistakes made to AD
  • Immediately recovering from a full AD forest outage
  • Mitigating internal & external threats to AD & Azure AD

Featured Speaker

Robert Bobel

Founder & CEO, Hybrid AD SME

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