Achieving Active Directory Resilience with Immediate Forest Recovery


Experts predict that a ransomware attack now occurs every 11 seconds. As cyberattacks continue to increase, it is no surprise establishing cyber resilience has become a top priority for organizations. Protecting your company’s vital IT infrastructure starts with the cornerstone: your Microsoft directories. Why? Your Active Directory (AD) or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) are often the target of attackers and if your directories go down, employees aren’t able to access the tools and information they need to perform their jobs. So, when disaster strikes, such as a malware or wiper attack, fast AD recovery is critical. Organizations need a comprehensive recovery solution, regardless of the recovery scenario, for both on-premises AD, hybrid AD, and Azure AD, or else they will face significant business impacts such as costly downtime, damage to reputation, and loss of business.

In this session, you’ll learn more about AD and Azure AD recovery and the crucial role it plays in strengthening your resilience. Join us as we discuss:

  • The common types of AD outages and how to best avoid them
  • Developing AD recovery plans to ensure the quickest, safest return to business as usual
  • Strategies to increase your resilience and protect against both insider threats and malicious changes
  • Best practices to prevent re-infection once your AD is restored
  • And discover Cayosoft’s new, all-in-one solution for recovery of all your directories, including immediate forest recovery

Featured Presenters

Bob Bobel

CEO & Founder

Chad Nichols​

Systems Engineer

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