Optimize & Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Reduce Office 365 License Costs6 Methods to Optimize & Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Trying to reduce Office 365 License Costs can be tricky. Microsoft’s Office 365 licensing plans are perhaps the most flexible ever offered. Whether operating as a large corporation, small business, non-profit organization or an educational institution, Office 365 provides options for each. But with this flexibility comes complexity. Organizations often choose a mix of plans as well as a mix of features to include or turn off. As a result, challenges with proper distribution of licenses, accurate internal billing procedures, and bulk license updates arise within complex Office 365 installations. Check out Cayosoft’s latest Free Whitepaper titled, Top 6 Methods to Reduce Office 365 License Costs click here for tips on optimizing your Office 365 license costs.

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About Cayosoft AdministratorCayosoft Administrator’s Office 365 License Management delivers a single console to reduce Office 365 license costs and more. Administrator also provides the unique ability to work with Office 365 independently, or in conjunction with Active Directory and Exchange in a Hybrid environment. Thus producing the most powerful tool on the market today for Office 365 license administration, account provisioning and de-provisioning, Group management, and Reporting. For more information visit the Cayosoft Administrator home page.


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