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Microsoft Office 365 License Optimization
Complete control over Office 365 Licensing Management and Costs


License Optimization Advisor Only from Cayosoft

Go beyond suggestions and see if a license can be optimized.

Under-used, and un-assigned licenses represent wasted budget that could be used in other ways to improve services to users. Third-party solutions that use generic user activity provided by Microsoft to suggest license changes are a gimmick and simply don’t provide enough detail to determine IF the change can be made. Cayosoft’s exclusive License Advisor not only identifies users’ licenses that need to be optimized, it more importantly shows you if the license can be changed.

Office 365 License Optimization Advisor

Complete Control over License Delegation & Visibility

Granular delegation over Office 365 License Administrators & Help Desk

Control which licenses advanced administrators can see and assign down to the individual License Option.

Simplify Licensing for Admins with Custom Views and License Option Defaults

Simplify and hide the mess for day-to-day administrators or help desk to avoid mistakes and reduce the information needed to perform accurate license assignments.

Audit Changes with Before and After Values

Audit Office 365 License changes for each use including before and after license values so that troubleshooting Office 365 License problems for simple and efficient issue resolution.

Divvy-Up Tenant Licenses with Quota Pools

Enterprise service owners find sharing a single tenant’s licenses can be a challenge as one department or business unit may consume more than their share of licenses. License Quotas allow you to efficiently divide-up a single tenant’s licenses by Department, OU or other administrative boundary.

Free Office 365 License Health Check

Extensive Reporting over Licenses, License Options, License Usage and Costs

Cost savings & optimization by seeing who is not assigned the correct license

The price difference between the list price of an E5/G5 license and a mailbox license is can be up to $372 per user per year. Without the ability to accurately judge usage, costs in terms of over-licensing and lost productivity become significant.  Cayosoft’s License Usage Analytics, License Cost Minimization Rules and Billing Reporting delivers the visibility and control that will allows any organization to get the most out of the organization’s Microsoft Office 365 License investment.

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Hybrid or Cloud License Assignments

Rules to Automatically & Dynamically Assign the Correct License Every-time

Automatic Office 365 License Rules are easily configured to target only the users that require a specific type of license. Licensing rules can be scheduled to run at a predetermined time and will inspect and correct any licenses or options that are not aligned with the settings on the rule.

Assign to On-premises or Cloud AD Users

Automatically assigns/update licenses

Flexible, granular targeting

Ongoing license check/corrections

Easily make bulk changes

Schedule triggered with actions


IT Challenge:  How can I simplify Office 365 License Management

Microsoft’s Office 365 licensing plans are perhaps the most flexible Microsoft has ever offered.  Whether operating as a large corporation, small business, non-profit organization or an educational institution, Office 365 provides a multitude of options for each.  But with this flexibility comes complexity.  Organizations often choose a mix of plans as well as a mix of features to enable or disable.  As a result, challenges with proper distribution of licenses, proper option settings, accurate internal billing procedures, and bulk license updates arise. To make matters worse, some users may be “over-licensed” and not using the features they are given. Identifying these underused licenses is difficult and as a result the organization does not receive the best return on the Office 365 investment.

The Solution: Office 365 License Lifecycle Management

Cayosoft’s Rule based license assignments target users and automatically assigns the exact license and options they require. Rules also allow the administrator to setup on-going option enforcement so that users are not disrupted by unintended license changes.  Rules-based administration also has a distinct advantage manual check-box assignment provided in Office 365 because makes it unnecessary to update every user account just to assign licenses. Cayosoft License Quotas let you divvy-up licenses and assign a pool of your tenant licenses to line-of-business or OU admins. Cayosoft license usage monitoring also allows you to quicly determine if a user is over-licensed and make adjustments by lowering the license (and cost) or offering additional training to maximize the investment in Office 365.

Automatic License Assignment with Rules

  • Automatically assign licenses to new users by Usage Location, Department or other meta data.
  • Validate existing users have been assigned the correct SKUs and plan options.
  • Migrate users from old license plans to new license plans when needed.

Superior control over manual license management

  • Unified and easy-to-use use web portal where licensing and other tasks are performed.
  • Make it easier for day-to-day administrators or help desk to understand and correctly assign licenses by showing, hiding or marking read-only any unnecessary or necessary licenses and/or options.
  • Eliminate the need for administrators Allow licenses to be assigned using license pools and Active Directory groups.

Rules define how users that will receive a license

When a new license assignment rule is created, the user first determines the set of target users that will receive the new license assignment. These target users can be identified by the attributes in Office 365 including, but not limited to un-licensed users, users in a specific group, location or department.

  • Define the license to be assigned – Once the target list of users is identified, the license plan to be assigned is entered along with any options to be disabled during the assignment. For example, users may be assigned an E3 plan with SharePoint or Planner options disabled.
  • On-going Automatic License Verification – The last piece to be configured for license assignment is on-going enforcement. Enforcement determines how frequently the license rule is applied against Office 365. The typical options for scheduling Office 365 license management are provided.

Assign & Report On Licenses

  • Compliance reporting  to verify License by Active Directory Group (including disabled plans)
  • Enforce the correct License plan for Active Directory Group members (including disabled plans)

License During User Provisioning

In addition to scheduled enforcement, the license assignment rule can be run automatically, immediately after another rule has run. For example, it may be desirable for license assignment to occur immediately after a rule that creates Office 365 user accounts runs. License assignment Rules can also be executed manually by an administrator so licenses assigned is performed on-demand.

Visibility & Internal Billing Reporting for Office 365 License Management

Rules can also be configured to create reports or send e-mails showing the results of Office 365 license management assignments. Pre-built reports that detail existing license assignments by user are also available. In the same way users are selected for license assignment, pre-built reports can also be filtered showing the desired users.

Monitor License Usage and Optimize License Investment

License usage analytics provides incite into how licensed services are being used by each user. This detail allows the administrator to adjust the license or suggest additional training to optimize the license’s use or reduce licensing costs.

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Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration

Cayosoft Administrator The only unified and modern administrative platform

The Cayosoft Administrator Platform is the only unified and extensible platform  that solves critical IT problems across multiple Microsoft Systems like Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business Server and Office 365.  Cayosoft’s Rules enforce least privileged admin permission assignment for maximize security, Rules control how tasks are performed for optimized efficiency and to sustain compliance. Cayosoft Administrator is the only modern platform build with on-premises, cloud and hybrid management in mind.


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