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Cayosoft Administrator
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Cayosoft® Administrator™ is the only complete management solution for your entire cloud IT journey, from on-premises to hybrid to the cloud. Every step along the way, Cayosoft Administrator delivers Security, Efficiency, Compliance, and Innovation in the management of Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, and beyond! 

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Built for the IT Cloud Journey


Microsoft Hybrid Administration from Cayosoft Reduced Manteca USD Admin Burden by 90%.
How Cayosoft® eliminated 90% of American Media Incorporated’s added Microsoft Office 365 Hybrid Help Desk Burden
State replaces Quest® with Cayosoft® for Secure Hybrid Management, 30% Lower Cost, and Higher Efficiency
Manufacturer eliminated 90% of Office 365 Hybrid Enterprise Administrative Burden with Cayosoft

Why Cayosoft? Cayosoft Administrator is the only complete Hybrid Enterprise Management Solution that manages key Microsoft platforms on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud.  Cayosoft makes Hybrid virtually invisible to day-to-day administrators while giving IT much needed security and efficiency. Customer’s tell us that Cayosoft Administrator beats legacy management every time.

Roles-Based Delegation Controls
What Admins & Others See
Access to “Virtual OUs”
Tasks Admins May Perform
Management by On-Prem Admins
Management by Cloud Admins

Rules Enforce Policies
IT Policies across “Virtual OUs”

Default or List of Acceptable Values
Enforce Data Formatting
Enforce Additional Background Actions
Generate Name or Values


Cayosoft Administrator’s management platform allows for the management of Microsoft systems both on-premises and in the cloud. Beginning with Active Directory Management (and Exchange if present) or Hybrid (with/without exchange) and finally with Office 365 stand-alone management.


To be granted a administrative roles for on-premises or cloud platforms, users should have either an on-premise Active Directory or Cloud based Azure Active Directory account. External Azure AD Accounts can also be granted roles so that MSPs, partners or consultants can also perform administrative tasks.

Simplify Hybrid Administration

  • Active Directory Hybrid User Management
  • Office 365 Hybrid Group Management
  • Easy for admins & service desk
  • Eliminates ADSI & scripting
  • Integrates with Azure AD Connect
  • Unified admin portal for all systems

Office 365 License Management

  • Office 365 License assignment by AD Group
  • Office 365 License assignment by User Attribute
  • Automates license assignments
  • Monitors license use by user
  • Enforces license options changes
  • Analytics & billing reporting

User Life Cycle Management

  • Active Directory User Management
  • Office 365 User Management
  • Simplify manual user creation
  • Create directly from HR/ERP/SIS data
  • Detailed account de-provisioning rules
  • Controls for SOX, PCI, HIPAA

Group Life Cycle Management

  • Active Directory Group Management
  • Office 365 Group Management
  • Exchange Distribution Group Management
  • Automatically keep groups up-to-date
  • Granular rules target members
  • Eliminate costly manual operations

Secure Day-to-day Administration

  • Least privileged delegation for Active Directory
  • Least privileged delegation for Office 365
  • Single console administration
  • Rules & Roles for command & control
  • Automatic remediation of problems
  • Optimize Account and License Usage

Unified User Self-Service

  • Easy to use Web Portal
  • Self-Service Group Management
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Contractor Account Expiration Management
  • Employee account management
  • Corporate Contact Directory

Analytics Visibility & Reporting

  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Free for any sized organization

Active Directory Management Tools

  • Full 25-day free trial, continues in Freeware mode
  • FREE for organization < 200 users

Exchange Mailbox Move Planning Tool

  • Real-time or Scheduled
  • Free for any sized organization


Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration

Physical or Virtual Machine
Server 2012r2 or later
2 GHz Intel compatible CPU or higher
8GB Memory or more
30GB free disk space or more

Local Administrator on Server
Domain Admins Membership
Exchange Organizational Management Role
Office 365 Global Admin Role
.NET Framework 3.x or higher

Active Directory Admin Tools
Windows PowerShell 4.x or later
Active Directory PowerShell Module

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