New Version of Cayosoft Administrator 4.1 Released


Cayosoft is pleased to announce the availability of Administrator 4.1. New features of this version include support for 2016 versions of Windows Server and Exchange, the most advanced Office 365 License Management solution and 90+ New Policies, Rules and Features for the Secure and Efficient Administration of the Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise. Read the What’s New Guide here.

For more information about the solutions provided by Cayosoft Administrator, visit the Cayosoft Administrator product page here.


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The only unified and modern administrative platform

The Cayosoft Administrator Platform is the only unified and extensible platform  that solves critical IT problems across multiple Microsoft Systems like Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business Server and Office 365.  Cayosoft’s Rules enforce least privileged admin permission assignment for maximize security, Rules control how tasks are performed for optimized efficiency and to sustain compliance. Cayosoft Administrator is the only modern platform build with on-premises, cloud and hybrid management in mind.

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