Automate Hybrid User Lifecycle Management

Cayosoft Administrator
The best way to manage the hybrid user lifecycle


The IT Challenge: Create accounts quickly and accurately 

Trying to Automate Hybrid User Lifecycle Management for Active Directory and Office 365 can be a time consuming and error prone manual process that can result in costly security and compliance failures.  Cayosoft Administrator™  provides a simple and affordable account provisioning solution that not only saves time and creates user accounts accurately – it also helps to sustain security, compliance and efficiency. Flexible provisioning rules automatically create user accounts then assign resources such as user licenses, security and distribution group membership, mailboxes or other entitlements.  Indispensable to administrators,  Cayosoft Administrator helps sustain security, compliance and efficiency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Solution: Cayosoft Hybrid User Lifecycle Management for Active Directory and Office 365

Cayosoft Administrator’s Automated Account Provisioning for Active Directory and Office 365 – eliminates security, compliance and accuracy problems associated with the manual user creation for Active Directory, Exchange, or Office 365. Simplification and automation of account provisioning also helps to reduce costs, improve IT efficiency and put users to work faster. Cayosoft Administrator can take information from almost any HR/ERP or Enrollment system and completely provision user accounts and the entitlements needed to grant the correct level of access to the new user. Perhaps as important as account provisioning is user account deprovisioning and Cayosoft Administrator automates user deprovisioning as well. With Cayosoft Suspend’s advanced account deprovisioning technology you can suspend accounts permanently or temporarily.

Joiners – New full-time employees, part-time or seasonal employees or contractors. Each of these scenarios require a user account be created and updated appropriately. Cayosoft’s Administrator Suite can use information from HR/ERP systems like PeopleSoft, Oracle HR, Workday or SunGuard to automatically provision employee and contractor accounts across systems like Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Lync and Office 365, Automated Account Provisioning means accounts are quickly created without a huge burden on IT staff.

Movers – Employees change departments or job functions requiring that there accounts be re-provisioned so that the access they are granted is appropriate for their new situation.

Suspensions – During vacations, medical leaves, military deployments, investigations or other periods or when other events occur that require users be denied access the system accounts – those accounts need to be suspended so that security and best practices are continuously enforced. Cayosoft Administrator Suite has the unique capability to suspend and un-suspend individual students or groups of students when they should be denied access.

Leavers – As employees leave the organization, the accounts they have relied on for success may no longer be needed. Some institutions keep accounts for many years following a departure while others keep accounts for a specific period of time then delete them. Cayosoft’s Administrator is designed for both scenarios and can not only deprovision accounts it can also enforce retention policies as well so compliance and security personnel are satisfied.

Improving Hybrid ROI with Hybrid User Account Provisioning

Rule Based Administration (RBA) is at the core of the Cayosoft Administrator Suite. Dozens of out-of-the box Rule Templates can be quickly configured to automate common tasks and complex scenarios. One common task is to use Cayosoft Administrator to automate user provisioning for the Hybrid Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise.

Without Cayosoft, creating new hybrid accounts is a manual and error prone process, expensive in terms of both time and money. With automated user account lifecycle management, Cayosoft Administrator performs provisioning tasks on behalf of the administrator saving time and eliminating errors. No longer will administrators jump from console to console to create accounts or need to resort to editing attributes manually.

  • Automatically create user accounts in Active Directory, Office 365 or both.
  • Integrated with Azure AD Connect and ADFS for superior operations
  • Automatically create on-premises, on-premises remote, or Office 365 mailboxes
  • Automatically assign the correct licenses then provides on-going enforcement of those license options so services are not interrupted
  • Assign home folders, user profiles and Remote Desktop Services Profiles
  • Quickly, safely and accurately deactivate accounts when a user account is no longer needed

Avoiding Security Breaches & Improving Hybrid ROI

Built-in best practice de-provisioning of user accounts, quickly locks down user accounts in both Active Directory and Office 365 ensuring that the account will not be used for un-intended purposes while reclaiming valuable licenses for re-use.


Maybe more important than hybrid user account provisioning is hybrid account deprovisioning . Incidents such as the Target and OPM security breaches prove that mistakes made with user deprovisioning can be catastrophic. Cayosoft Administrator also provides hybrid account de provisioning to secure the account either permanently or temporarily, immediately on at a specific date.

  • Automatically disables user accounts in Active Directory, Office 365 or both
  • Right-click restore to bring the account back to active status
  • Scans for obsolete accounts then safely and accurately deactivate accounts when a user account is no longer needed
  • Recovers expensive Office 365 licenses and returns them to the pool of available licenses.

Simplify Automate Active Directory Administration

The only unified and modern administrative platform

The Cayosoft Administrator Platform is the only unified and extensible platform  that solves critical IT problems across multiple Microsoft Systems like Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business Server and Office 365.  Cayosoft’s Rules enforce least privileged admin permission assignment for maximize security, Rules control how tasks are performed for optimized efficiency and to sustain compliance. Cayosoft Administrator is the only modern platform build with on-premises, cloud and hybrid management in mind.