Simplify the Hybrid Enterprise Help Desk

Cayosoft Administrator
The best way to simplify the Hybrid Enterprise Help Desk

simplify the Hybrid Enterprise Help Desk

The IT Challenge: Reduce costs and improve customer service

Gartner Consulting Group estimates that organizations spend between $20 and $70 for each password, user account, or group management related call to the Service Desk. As passwords and resource access has become more secure, the number of password, user account and group related help desk calls has risen exponentially.

The Solution: Cayosoft Administrator to Simplify Hybrid Enterprise Help Desk Operations

Cayosoft Administrator includes both Simplified Hybird Administration and end-user Self-Service capabilities that reduce service desk workloads while simultaneously improving the end user’s experience. Cayosoft Administrator Self-Service empowers users to change passwords, reset forgotten passwords, unlock their accounts, manage groups and distribution lists, or subordinates themselves, without costly delays or expensive calls to the help desk.

Increase Security

  • Secure Identity Validation
  • Use Custom or provided questions
  • Drives User Self-Enrollment
  • Password Expiration Notification

Hybrid Ready

  • Installs On-Premises or in Private Cloud
  • Compatible with Microsoft DirSync
  • Works on Windows, Apple, Android, most tables & mobile devices

Reduce  Calls

  • Available to Users 24×7
  • Users get back to work faster
  • Real-time usage reporting
  • Section 508 Compliance

Self-service password tools  
Self-service Office 365 Group Management  
Self-Service Office 365 Subordinate Account Management  
Self-service Office 365 Company Phone Directory  
Self-service Obsolete Office 365 Account Managment  
Expired Account Renewal 

General Features

  • 25 minute install on your Windows Server or Private Cloud
  • Role based access to Self-Services
  • No additional accounts or licenses required
  • No 3rd party storage or risk of data leakage
  • Self-Service Password Management
  • Self-Service Group Management
  • Self-Service Direct Reports Management
  • Self-Service Expiring Account Renewal
  • Self-Service Company Directory

Self-Service Password Management

  • Forgot Password & Change Password
  • Web Based Self-Service Password Management
  • Automatic Account Unlock
  • Complex Password Policies
  • Secure User Identity Verification
  • Use pre-defined or create custom questions
  • Simple to configure Q & A Profile Policy
  • Automatic Self-Service Enrollment Notification
  • Enrollment captures Alternate E-mail and Mobile # for future 2 factor capabilities
  • Self-Services Profile Encryption with AES & Private Seed
  • Password Expiration Notification to users
  • Adjustable time window for notification
  • Link directs them to secure web portal
  • Simple user sign-in and password change
  • Perfect for newly provisioned Active Directory use accounts

Self-Service Group Management

  • Web Based Self-Service Group Management
  • Hybrid Ready
  • Empower users to Add/Remove Users to Groups
  • Works with Security and Distribution Groups
  • Works with Active Directory, Exchange & Office 365
  • Enrollment Notification
  • Works with Microsoft DirSync & ADFS

User, Direct Report & Contractor Management

  • Alow users to update their own attributes
  • Web Based Self-Service Subordinate Management
  • Empower Managers to reset employee passwords
  • Allows Managers to Suspend or Un-Suspend Employee Accounts
  • Works with Active Directory & Office 365
  • Enrollment Notification
  • Tested with Microsoft DirSync & ADFS
  • Web Based Company Phone Book
  • ANR Search for superior performance

Analytics & Reporting

  • Report: User Enrolled for Self-Service
  • Report: User Not Enrolled for Self-Service
  • Real-time or Scheduled Reports
  • Up to the minute visibility
  • E-mail, HTML or CSV Output

Customer Branding & Mobile

  • Changeable Logon Screen background
  • Customer Logo
  • Compatible with Azure AD Connect and  Microsoft DirSync
  • Works with Windows, MAC, Android
  • Compatible with most Tables & Mobile Devices, no extra app to distribute or install.

Reduce Support Calls with Self-Service!

Cayosoft Administrator Self-Services will likely pay for itself over the first year of operation. Cayosoft Administrator is also a comprehensive automated Office 365 Management that can be used to provision new accounts, automate group management, assign, validate and enforce Office 365 Licensing and much more.



My AD Users

Cayosoft Administrator Self-Service Enrollment Notification

End-User Enrollment E-mail Notification

The only unified and modern administrative platform

The Cayosoft Administrator Platform is the only unified and extensible platform  that solves critical IT problems across multiple Microsoft Systems like Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business Server and Office 365.  Cayosoft’s Rules enforce least privileged admin permission assignment for maximize security, Rules control how tasks are performed for optimized efficiency and to sustain compliance. Cayosoft Administrator is the only modern platform build with on-premises, cloud and hybrid management in mind.