Microsoft Password Expiration Notification

Password Expiration Notification for Active Directory and Microsoft 365 Users

In today’s disconnected Hybrid IT environment, it is likely that users will not realize until too late that a password change is about to be required. This often leads to an increased support burden and lost productivity. With an average help desk call costing $15 to $25 per call – costs add up quickly. Compounding the problem,  Mobile Devices or rich client like Outlook may not provide enough information for the user to realize that they are not authenticating correctly because of an expired password. The answer is to notify the user that their password is about to expire and provide simple directions for them to successfully update their own password.

Key Features

Password Expiration Notification Features

Cayosoft Administrator proactively notifies your users before their password expires, eliminating help desk costs and avoiding expensive user downtime. Admin Assistant continuously monitors user accounts then automatically sends the users an email with instructions on resetting his or her password.

  • Password Expiration Notification is a 100% Free feature of Admin Assistant: Download Today
  • E-mail Notification of pending user password expiration
  • Configurable notification notification period & messaging
  • Daily reminder until password has been changed
  • Multiple expiration reminder policies for different accounts
More Ongoing Maintenance Features

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