Active Directory Account Lockout Notification Alert

Account Lockout Notification Alerts

In many disconnected hybrid IT environments, it is likely that users will fail to change the password on a mobile device or desktop application, or that they will simply forget their password. The resulting account lockout increases support burden and impacts user productivity. With an average help desk call $15-$25 per call, costs can add up quickly. Compounding the problem,  mobile devices and rich clients often do not provide enough information for the user to realize that they are not authenticating correctly due to an account lockout. 

Key Features

Cayosoft Administrator proactively sends Account Lockout Notification Alerts to your Administrator and Help Desk Staff when a user account lockout occurs so IT can proactively work to resolve the lockout. With Administrator, a lockout becomes an opportunity to demonstrate Help Desk responsiveness while reducing costs and reducing expensive user downtime. Administrator continuously monitors for locked out user accounts, then automatically sends the your administrators or help desk staff an email displaying the user’s information.

  • Account Lockout Alerting is a 100% Free Feature of Cayosoft Administrator. No Purchase Necessary:  Download Today
  • Get administrative Email alerts when a lockout occurs
  • Configurable notification messaging
  • Configurable schedule to check for locked out accounts

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