New Fluid Office Documents from Microsoft Coming This Summer to Teams, OneNote, and More

Microsoft Fluid Coming to Teams Soon

Fluid Components Starting to Arrive in Microsoft Platforms Soon The biggest change to Microsoft’s Office documents in decades is coming to life soon, as the company’s Fluid framework arrives in Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Outlook, and Whiteboard. The future-facing concept of Fluid’s framework, introduced last year, allows for immediate sync of content that lives independently across […]

3 Steps to Help Configure Emergency Calling in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for collaboration but managing its features can be challenging and time-consuming. Telephony and calling plans for Microsoft Teams requires certain steps to be completed in order to maximize all its features. This blog outlines how to add emergency addresses, associate phone numbers to these locations, and retrieve necessary codes […]

Useful Microsoft Teams Resources For Administrators

As newly remote workers flock to collaborate, and Microsoft Teams daily users surges beyond 44 million, both IT professionals and individual users are trying to quickly master the application.  We’ve pulled together some helpful resources for Microsoft Teams administrators to use and share. Go right to the source… Microsoft There are so many options available […]

Microsoft making Teams available for everyone

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced access to Teams for everyone, as COVID-19 continues to impact people and countries around the world.  How Individuals can get started with Microsoft Teams:  If you have an email address through work or school, sign in  using this link. We’ll get you into Teams in no time.  If  you’re using  an […]

Microsoft Teams is Experiencing Issues—Working to fix

If you’re experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams this morning, don’t worry you’re not alone. Currently, Microsoft teams is going through some glitch & outage in several locations. We’re investigating an issue where users may be unable to access Microsoft Teams. We’re reviewing systems data to determine the cause of the issue. More information can be […]

How to Accelerate Microsoft Teams Growth and Adoption

Sometimes, a change in administrative philosophy is necessary to really grow your Microsoft Teams use. If your MS Teams use hasn’t been as efficient or as under control as required, it may be that the Teams “default” administrative philosophy just isn’t up to par. Here’s what you need to know about the administrative management of […]

Microsoft Teams vs. Sharepoint — Management Basics

For many years, SharePoint was the leading method of communication and collaboration within the Microsoft ecosystem. However, there’s a reason why many companies never experienced complete SharePoint adoption. Microsoft has acknowledged an organizational information overload within SharePoint: an overload that often makes it difficult for employees to manage and prioritize the information delivered.  To combat […]

Top Ten Shortcuts in Microsoft Teams

It’s happened to all of us. We’re in an important call and a group of coworkers decide to strike up a passionate conversation. We frantically reach for the mouse in an effort to find the mute button but can’t seem to get there quick enough. This is just one of the many situations we can […]

Teams Chat Group Size to 100

Microsoft Teams has updated Group Chat Size to 100. They’ve announced they will begin rolling this feature out soon. How does this impact me? This feature simply allows for all users to add and chat with up to 100 users in a group chat. Microsoft is increasing the limit from 50 to 100 so now […]