Useful Microsoft Teams Resources For Administrators

As newly remote workers flock to collaborate, and Microsoft Teams daily users surges beyond 44 million, both IT professionals and individual users are trying to quickly master the application.  We’ve pulled together some helpful resources for Microsoft Teams administrators to use and share.

Go right to the source… Microsoft

There are so many options available for Microsoft Teams training that it can be overwhelming.  While some will provide amazing insights and others are more like a waste of time, our best advice is to go to the source.

Microsoft provides training with Microsoft Teams how-to videos for everything from initial setup to managing meetings and activity feeds.  Most videos are roughly 1-minute long and show users how to take specific actions.

If you’d like a deeper overview, also check out this Microsoft Tech Community video, recorded from a live event in 2019. It’s 15-minutes long and just what you’d expect if you were sitting in a Microsoft Ignite session, letting you hear directly from product management for Microsoft Teams.

We also recommend a couple of other courses from edX, including one related to Microsoft Teams deployment and one related to driving Teams user adoption, though they are more in-depth and will require more of your time.

Helping end users adjust

Back in May, we pulled together our own estimation of the top 10 shortcuts in Microsoft Teams to help make for more successful collaboration.  This list, plus the how-to videos mentioned above can be the foundation of a useful communication to your end users.  With Microsoft recently renaming Office 365 to Microsoft 365 as most people are staying home, they expect the reach of Teams to extend beyond the business world.

Helping IT Professionals Manage Teams

Again, there are numerous tools available, with varying degrees of usefulness to IT professionals managing Microsoft Teams.  At Cayosoft, we’re proud to provide free reporting to enable Microsoft Teams service owners to do the following:

  • Find Teams with no owners
  • Find Teams with empty membership
  • View channels by Teams
  • List complete Teams membership
  • Document Teams tabs
  • Microsoft Office 365 License Health Check Report

Access free reporting for Microsoft Teams.

Gaining even more control over Microsoft Teams

Cayosoft Administrator includes enterprise-level Microsoft Teams Management, allowing service owners to delegate critical tasks to day-to-day administrators for accurate and secure Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Group Management.  Cayosoft business rules enable the following:

  • Granular role delegation over Microsoft Teams management
  • Rules control baseline, optional, or required Microsoft Teams settings
  • Enforce Teams naming conventions or business specific fields.

This Microsoft Teams Management Tool also provides enterprise visibility to Microsoft Teams, including:

  • Teams that were created
  • Current team settings
  • Team usage statistics
  • Empty ownership and membership

These reports can help you solidify your foundation on Teams. Build an inventory of your Teams environment, analyze it for possible optimization, restructuring and more.

For more, please view our on-demand webinar, Gain Control of Microsoft Teams Chaos, where Microsoft MVP and Office 365 expert, Joel Oleson, and Cayosoft founder and hybrid management expert, Robert Bobel, discuss key insights to help you navigate the chaos of Microsoft Teams.

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