How One Organization Accidentally Erased 145K Microsoft Teams Chats — Avoid This Mistake

  Microsoft recently confirmed that Teams chat data is not recoverable after an IT blunder permanently erased 145,000 users chats at KPMG.  With so many remote workers now relying on Microsoft Teams, how can IT teams help protects this critical communication for their end users? While recovering chat data may not be possible, tight control and delegation related to management of important changes is important to minimize incidents like this. Human error is a reality of IT management, yet there are ways to implement least privileged delegation and reduce who can make changes to the environment.

Gain more control over Microsoft Teams

Cayosoft Administrator provides enterprise management and control over Microsoft Teams. Cayosoft business rules enable the following:
  • Granular role delegation over Microsoft Teams management
  • Rules control baseline, optional, or required Microsoft Teams settings
  • Enforce Teams naming conventions or business specific fields
Our Microsoft Teams Management Tool also provides enterprise visibility to Microsoft Teams, including Teams that were created, current Teams settings, Teams usage stats, empty Teams ownership and membership and more. Learn more about gaining control of Microsoft Teams chaos in our on-demand webinar with Microsoft MVP Joel Oleson.

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