The #1 Way to Prevent Insider Threats

Protecting Your Critical Assets with Insider Threat Prevention Data Breaches Happen Data security is nothing new. Where there is sensitive information, there are those who seek to access, steal, and misuse it, mostly for financial gain. The unfortunate truth about malicious activities is that a third of all data breaches are perpetrated by someone from […]

Security Budgets During COVID-19 – A New Infographic

When lockdown protocols kicked in due to COVID-19’s rapid spread all around the world, teams across many industries migrated to a work-from-home normal. However, with remote work comes new security risks—like employees accessing sensitive company assets through personal devices and home wifi. How have security budgets changed as a result of new and broadening security […]

Azure Sentinel Solution to Find Vulnerable Netlogon Clients

  Microsoft is addressing a privilege vulnerability in a two-part rollout by modifying how Netlogon handles the usage of Netlogon secure channels.   Phase one, deployment, began on Aug 11. In this phase, secure Remote ProtoCol (RPC) is enforced for machine, trust and domain controller accounts. This phase also includes a new group policy object (GPO) and a […]

AMSI and Machine Learning Help to Stop Active Directory Attacks and Other Post-exploitation Behavior

  Last week, Microsoft Defender ATP Research team blogged about Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI)-driven behavior-based machine learning protections. AMSI helps security software detect malicious scripts by revealing script content and behavior. AMSI integrates with scripting engines on Windows 10 as well as Office 365 VBA to provide insights into the execution of PowerShell, WMI, VBScript, JavaScript, and Office VBA macros. So basically, AMSI’s […]

Protect Azure Users! Complimentary Subscription of Cayosoft Guardian

Whether you’re fully on Azure Active Directory or operating in a hybrid or on-premises world, it’s more critical than ever to avoid breaches, outages and data loss. That’s why Cayosoft is proud to offer a free 90-day subscription to recover and protect the data across all of your Active Directories.  Spend 5 minutes to protect the […]

Bridging the Office 365 Insider Threat Security Gap

While Microsoft Office 365 maintains robust  security features, it may not offer the granularity that many enterprises need. When Microsoft Office 365 isn’t maintained and configured properly, it can put  security and compliance requirements in doubt. Here’s what you need to know about the  security features  included in  Office 365 Enterprise, and what companies should […]

We are the enemy | A Look at Insider Threats

Every company needs to be aware of insider threats. The source of insider threats are employees or administrators that make mistakes or purposefully damage your organization’s IT Systems. Insider threats are pervasive and difficult to defend against, and they require proactive security measures and extensive training to defeat. A company’s worst enemies can be its employees—whether they […]

Data Retention Policies for Teams Now Available

Data Retention Policies for Teams Now Available

Teams Cleans Data Seams –  In data retention, a delicate balance must be kept. On the one hand is the need to delete older data to proactively mitigate damaging security breaches or litigation. Additionally, it’s important to clear data clutter for users, to help ensure they have only the information they need. On the other hand are pressures to keep data. These can […]