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Why Cayosoft Instead of Quest?

Quest has had some ups and down. King of the Windows Management solutions, to the “software” wing of the DELL empire, to suing some of their largest customers, to product stagnation, to new investment. Unfortunately, some customers have been drug through it all.

Regardless if you’re a short or long-term Quest customer, Quest Software competitors, like Cayosoft, compare favorably in many key areas. To expedite a conversation, complete the form below.

CayosoftQuest Software
Product OfferingOnly vendor offering roles, rules, & automation for AD, Azure AD, & Office 365 in a single solution Separate products for each environment (could be required to purchase 15+ products just to cover your Microsoft landscape)
Frequency of ReleasesContinues to enhance solutions with multiple (up to 6) releases a year per solutionFormer Quest customers tell us enhancements & even bug fixes are few and far between
Daily OperationsSimplify daily operations with single-console management of hybrid environments — on-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365, TeamsQuest has upwards of 15-20 separate interfaces from separate products (unnecessary cost & complexity)
Customer Retention99% customer retentionNumerous former Quest customers defect to Cayosoft & others every year (retention is an issue)
Customer Satisfaction90%+ customer satisfaction rateComplaints are common with Quest support & compliance (search Quest support & compliance complaints & see)
Company Growth480% growth over the past 5 years Quest has been losing customers to their competitors for years, hence why most have grown & Quest has shrunk

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Deeper Look Into the Technology

True Hybrid Administration

For complete hybrid administration across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid Microsoft environments, native Microsoft tools force up to 20+ separate consoles and simply fall short. Cayosoft Administrator enables you to operate your Microsoft services more efficiently because of a unified, single console, solution across on-premises AD, Azure/Entra ID AD, Office 365, and Teams.


  • Shrink the time required to manage your Microsoft services
  • Not ready for cloud yet? Future-proof with a single solution covering hybrid environments
  • Eliminate licensing a product per Microsoft service; Cayosoft = 1 product, 1 console

Automation of Common Tasks

The more manual processes you have the greater likelihood you’ll have errors, vulnerabilities, and issues arising from it. Unlike Quest and competitors, Cayosoft Administrator brings full lifecycle automation with a rich set of automation and reporting rules so you can reduce the human factor and do more with less staff. Execution without intervention!


  • Automation is an equalizer – accomplish more with less people
  • Reduce human errors & the associated costs
  • Focus high-priced administrators on high-value tasks

Control Access

Gain control with less chance for problems with granular delegated roles for day-to-day administrators and self-service tasks. Delegate across and between environments (On-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365, Teams) with one unified set of easy-to-configure roles enforcing a least-privileged administrative model with Cayosoft Administrator.


  • Eliminate the bad practice of giving all admins global rights
  • Stop high-priced administrators from performing common tasks (delegate down)
  • Reduce the administrative burden by offering locked down self-service for users

Instant AD Forest Recovery — Patent-Pending Technology

Automate your entire Active Directory forest recovery process and get back to business faster. Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery can recover your AD in seconds. Our unique and modern approach ensures business continuity regardless if accident, attack, or disaster. Unlike Quest and other traditional methods, Cayosoft backs-up, deploys, and tests DAILY on standby clean servers.


  • Require less admin time & remove human errors, when/if forest recovery is needed
  • Automate forest recovery & resume operations 10X faster than native or 3rd party recovery
  • One-click forest recovery includes 35+ operations recommended by Microsoft


2+ Million

Quest Licenses

With comprehensive solutions, exceptional support, and frequent releases it’s no surprise we have 99% customer retention and over 2 million users have made the switched from Quest to Cayosoft.

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