Financial Services Organization Chooses Cayosoft’s Instant Active Directory Forest Recovery Over Semperis and Quest

As ransomware attacks continue to increase, a prominent east coast financial services organization recognized the potentially devastating consequences an attack would pose to both business operations and to their clients.


  • Reduce outages & recover as quickly as possible
  • Ensure hybrid AD is resilient from cyberattacks
  • Solution must be easy to implement & maintain
  • Eliminate forest recovery failures


  • Maintained business continuity with instant forest recovery
  • Achieved resilience with instant change rollback & threat detection
  • Implemented an all-in-one solution that is easy to deploy & maintain

“After evaluating traditional AD recovery tools, we contacted Gartner and they recommended we look at Cayosoft. The all-in-one interface, which included instant forest recovery, hybrid change monitoring, and hybrid AD object recovery, made Cayosoft an easy decision” Solution Evaluator, East Coast Financial Organization

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As cyberattacks continue to increase, it is no surprise establishing cyber resilience has become a top priority for organization. In this session, you’ll learn more about AD and Azure AD recovery and the crucial role it plays in strengthening your resilience.

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery is the only solution for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory continuous change monitoring, instant object and attribute recovery, partition recovery, domain controller recovery, and automated, instant full forest recovery.
Solution Brief

Instant Forest Recovery with Standby Directories

Cayosoft’s Instant Forest Recovery with standby directories is the breakthrough alternative to legacy forest recovery tools, providing true forest-level fault tolerance. Learn why this revolutionary technology is a clear choice when compared to legacy forest recovery.

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