State Replaces Quest® with Cayosoft for Secure Hybrid Management, 30% Lower Cost, and Higher Efficiency

Microsoft’s Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 platforms were mission critical to a large U.S. State’s Department of Information Technology (DOIT). Cayosoft Administrator was chosen by DOIT for completeness of hybrid
administration capabilities, lower administrative burden and lower operating cost.

Cayosoft Administrator is the only complete solution for Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise Management. The solution delivers secure delegation, a unified web-based interface for day-to-day admins, task automation, IT Policy enforcement and Lifecycle management and analysis of Office 365 Licenses.

The Results:

  • Hybrid Office 365 adoption bottlenecks were removed
  • 90% of the added hybrid administrative burden was eliminated
  • 30% reduction in cost of software maintenance
  • Simplified user provisioning and management of on-premises and cloud Microsoft assets
  • 80+ Legacy administration policies consolidation into 2 Cayosoft Rules
  • Extra SQL database, script-add-on and redundant sync engine eliminated

“The Quest product didn’t meet our hybrid needs and the extra script add-on and sync product overlapped with Microsoft.” Sr. DOIT Admin

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Case Study

Mednax Improves Enterprise Hybrid Microsoft 365 Security and Admin Efficiency

“Cayosoft Administrator is our one-stop shop for anything we need to do with a particular user, from provisioning to mailboxes to licenses. There is a major ROI in having it.”


AD and O365 Account Provisioning & User Lifecycle Management: Hidden Costs and Recommendations

It’s estimated that the provisioning process can cost between $15 and $60 per user – and that’s just for the account creation. When adding in the costs associated with updating or deprovisioning the account, those numbers climb even higher.


Cayosoft Administrator: The Best Way to Manage the Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise

While clear benefits drive IT to embrace Microsoft’s hybrid and cloud platforms, the move can jeopardize security, efficiency, and compliance goals. Legacy solutions that sustained these goals in the past cannot adapt easily to hybrid and cloud, and often become barriers to adopting these new platforms.

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