PowerShell 7: the latest major update to PowerShell

Powershell 7 is here

On March 4, 2020, Microsoft announced the release of Powershell 7. In case you didn’t know, Powershell is the automation platform and scripting language developed by Microsoft for simplifying and automating the management of Windows and Windows Server systems. 

In addition to the usual release of new cmdlets/APIs and bug fixes, Microsoft introduced a number of new features. For a complete list of features and fixes, check out the PowerShell 7.0 release notes. 

For more information on how you can get Powershell or a list of which operating systems PowerShell 7 supports, read here. 

Why do we care  

Unlike legacy management tools, Cayosoft Administrator was specifically built to take full advantage of PowerShell and web services like (Microsoft’s Graph API) with modern and extensible architecture. Open source PowerShell and PowerShell on Linux open opportunities to modern platforms seamlessly, where legacy platforms must “bolt-on” extra code in an attempt to incorporate these new capabilities. In some cases, a “bolt-on” is not possible because of limitations in the legacy architecture. 

How do we take advantage? 

Microsoft’s PowerShell is a powerful and popular scripting tool that is used by tons of Microsoft administrators worldwide. For some organizations, PowerShell isn’t a viable option so they look for alternatives to scriptingCayosoft provides that alternative by harnessing both PowerShell and Microsoft Graph API to deliver an out-of-the box management solution that is both easy to deploy and easy to use. To learn more about Cayosoft’s solutions speak with an expert today. 

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