A Better Way to Optimize Your Microsoft Licenses and Protect Your Environment — An Ignite Interview with Cayosoft

Ignite 2019 brought incredible, memorable experiences for a lot of organizations. For Cayosoft, it was an opportunity to announce two exciting and powerful new things that are going push the limits on innovation and management within the Microsoft enterprise.

Our founder and CEO, Bob Bobel, shares with us a new feature to the Cayosoft Administrator product—An end-to-end license optimization solution for Microsoft Office. This solution looks at not only the usage within Office by specific users, it also knows the parameters to scale licenses. For example, a user can go from an E5 to an E3 in order to optimize the license. This optimization can provide a license that meets the usage, not a general license that’s not being completely used. This could mean huge savings for an organization! Schedule a demo of this product!

The second announcement is a brand new product named Cayosoft Guardian. This is an Azure Active Directory Protection, Recovery, and Monitoring Solution. This powerful solution protects against malicious attacks or accidental mistakes within Active Directory.

Watch the full interview below to hear more about why Cayosoft is the only complete solution for enterprise administration across Active Directory, Exchange, Hybrid and Office 365!

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