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Today’s Enterprises have a wide variety of choices for delivering service and value to business users. Some of these choices require immediate change while others require a careful and thought-out strategic change. Choosing to integrate Office 365 into an existing on-premises infrastructure has both short and long term implications. Because Office 365 was built as an independent cloud solution, enterprise customers quickly recognize the need for a solution like Cayosoft’s Administrator to meet Security, Compliance and Efficiency goals.

Cayosoft’s experience combined with Cayosoft’s enterprise solutions for Office 365 and Active Directory allow organizations to take full advantage of their Microsoft investment by connecting and simplifying administration – on-premises, cloud or in hybrid infrastructures. Cayosoft’s single console approach and hybrid ready architecture deliver unparalleled value over traditional management tools or cloud only solutions. Built-in task task template automation, simplifies many day-to-day tasks eliminating the need for complex workflows or scripting.


Cayosoft’s Enterprise Solutions for Office 365, Azure Active Directory and Active Directory

Account Provisioning

  • Create on-premises, hybrid or cloud accounts using HR/ERP/SIS data
  • Identify and deprovision obsolete accounts
  • Help Sustain SOX, PCI, HIPAA Compliance Goals
  • Eliminate time consuming/manual operations

Group Management

  • Rules that automatically keep groups up-to-date
  • Sustain compliance with granular access control
  • Eliminate manual/error prone group management
  • Controls Separation of Duty

Hybrid Administration

  • Automatically Create Exchange Cloud Mailboxes
  • Initiate Microsoft Directory Sync
  • Assign Licenses by Active Directory Group or Attribute
  • Migration Preparation & Directory Cleanup

Office 365 License Management

  • Automatic rule-based license assignments
  • Assignments by AD or Office 365 group or attribute
  • License compliance & billing reporting
  • Monitor license availability

On-Going Administration

  • Single console administration
  • Rules for strict command & control
  • Automatically identify & resolve issues
  • Optimize Account and License Usage

Free Visibility & Reporting

  • Alert administrators to potential issues
  • Mailbox and Distribution List Reporting
  • Licensing & departmental billing reporting
  • Daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reports

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