Why Your Company Needs Third-Party Solutions for Office 365 — An Osterman Research White Paper

Microsoft is attempting to deliver a cloud service that does many things for a broad range across productivity, security, compliance, and data protection. This is a significant task and has many complexities and inter-dependencies that must be traded off against one another. This Osterman Research whitepaper includes data from an in-depth survey that Osterman Research conducted in October 2018. 124 organizations with a median of 1,400 employees were surveyed to understand the problems they face in managing Office 365, additional capabilities they would like to have, and other relevant information about their Office 365 environments. This new White Paper by Osterman Research will help you understand:
  • Key gaps and limitations in MS Office 365 around security, management, compliance, and data protection,
  • How to save on license costs and add the functionality you need for your specific requirements, and
  • Key challenges of Hybrid environments and what to do about them.
Get the whitepaper here! Osterman Research recommends that organizations seriously consider using Office 365. However, a platform of the scope and scale of Office 365 will never manage to be everything to every organization in every scenario, but the benefits of migrating to the platform must outweigh whatever limitations it includes. As a result, third-party solutions should be seriously considered for deployment, either as replacements for the native capabilities available from Microsoft, or as supplements that will provide enhanced functionality to meet specific organizational requirements.

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