3 Steps to Help Configure Emergency Calling in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for collaboration but managing its features can be challenging and time-consuming. Telephony and calling plans for Microsoft Teams requires certain steps to be completed in order to maximize all its features. This blog outlines how to add emergency addresses, associate phone numbers to these locations, and retrieve necessary codes […]

New Study Reveals Top Concerns for Microsoft Platform Management

Managing Microsoft environments can be complex and time-consuming, but they provide critical services to maintain business continuity and allow access to employees to keep them productive. Whether on-premises Active Directory, hybrid, or Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), IT executives must balance efficiency while maintaining Active Directory security, such as managing user and group permissions, and […]

Retire Skype for Business Admin Center to Start on Dec 1, 2020

  Microsoft will be retiring the Skype for Business admin center starting on December 1st, 2020. Instead of Skype admin center, Microsoft recommends the utilization of Teams admin center which is where they will continue to invest development resources. Key Points: Major: Retirement Timing: December 01, 2020 Action: Transition to the Teams admin center How […]

What’s the difference between Microsoft user-based MFA and Azure MFA?

  If your business relies on cloud computing services, it’s essential that you set security defaults that include multi–factor authentication (MFA) to protect your resources. Protecting your user accounts during a sign in event is vital for securing accounts that require privileged access to data and other resources in the cloud. MFA has become the standard in electronic […]

Midnight tonight deadline to patch Windows Servers

  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) doesn’t issue emergency directives unless there’s a serious cause for concern.   There is a vulnerability that could enable an attacker with network access to gain admin status by sending a string of zeros using the Windows Netlogon protocol. A vulnerability that, CISA said, […]

Azure Sentinel Solution to Find Vulnerable Netlogon Clients

  Microsoft is addressing a privilege vulnerability in a two-part rollout by modifying how Netlogon handles the usage of Netlogon secure channels.   Phase one, deployment, began on Aug 11. In this phase, secure Remote ProtoCol (RPC) is enforced for machine, trust and domain controller accounts. This phase also includes a new group policy object (GPO) and a […]

4 Reasons Why the Recycle Bin Can’t Fully Protect Azure Active Directory

Let’s face it, user errors are a reality, and the threat of malicious actors breaching Active Directory –both on-premises and in Azure – is on the rise.  Protecting your data has never been more important, yet no native tooling exists to tracks changes, store previous values or enable administrators to rollback those changes immediately. Microsoft […]

Azure Active Directory Security Defaults—not for everyone

Microsoft’s powerful array of cloud offerings—Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, and Office 365—offer paths to business growth without the huge capital investment. Most organizations on the cusp of implementing and experimenting with those services may not make security  the first priority in the quest for productivity. The first phase of the exciting journey into the cloud is to […]