Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery

This is the only solution for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory continuous change monitoring, immediate object and attribute recovery, partition recovery, domain controller recovery, and automated, immediate full forest recovery. Download PDF

Management and Protection Suite

Purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite offers a complete solution for security, protection, and efficiency, by combining both Administrator and Guardian into one comprehensive package.

Regain Control Over Microsoft Hybrid Group Management

On-Demand Managing groups in Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD has often been a challenge for IT Admins. Along with being complex and time-consuming, Microsoft group management poses additional issues, like group sprawl and authorization creep, due to lack of visibility and control across entire hybrid environments with native tools. More importantly, groups represent a […]

Complete Hybrid Office 365 Management for Federal, State and Local Governments

For government customers, Office 365 brings the promise of huge operational benefits. Achieving these benefits is often challenging because Office 365 doesn’t easily map onto a multi-departmental or multi-agency management model. Cayosoft’s purpose-built management software for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud eliminates administrative problems and scripts so governments can realize Office 365’s operational benefits. Cayosoft’s powerful […]

Zero Trust Identity Administration and Identity Resilience to Secure Hybrid Active Directory

On-Demand Managing hybrid Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) together is both complex and time-consuming. As the complexity of Microsoft environments continues to rise, the need to implement strong, yet efficient, security controls is critical. Organizations must enhance security measures to eliminate potential vulnerabilities, improve IT efficiency, and become more resilient to […]

Replace Quest Software Legacy Tools with Cayosoft

On-Demand Are you tired of expensive license requirements, too many applications to buy, and not enough updates? See how you can replace up to seven of the most popular Microsoft security and management tools with Cayosoft. Hybrid Active Directory changes everything. Managing, monitoring, and recovery of your hybrid Microsoft environment is complex. While your AD […]

Keeping Up With Azure AD Connect: Best Practices and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

On-Demand Azure AD Connect, also referred to as AAD Connect,is the most popular method used to synchronize users and groups from on-premises to cloud environments. Azure AD Connect is the foundation for the majority of hybrid identity infrastructures, but once its been installed, what’s next? Find out directly from the Microsoft identity and security experts […]

Gain Control of Microsoft Teams Chaos

On-Demand While the benefits of Microsoft Teams for collaboration are clear, it’s difficult for IT and service owners to manage the sprawl including lifecycle provisioning, security and compliance. Join Microsoft MVP and Office 365 expert Joel Oleson and Cayosoft founder and hybrid management expert Robert Bobel for key insights to help you navigate the chaos […]

Fortify Your Offboarding Process: Best Practices for Data Security Using User Deprovisioning

On-Demand Nearly 4 million people left their left jobs in April 2021. Now being dubbed “The Great Resignation,” US workers are quitting their jobs at record rates. With this sharp uptick in employee turnover, IT executives must ensure processes are in place to sustain security and compliance while ensuring employee productivity and end-user experience. While […]