Restore Azure Roles

Through a unified view, Cayosoft Guardian monitors all directory changes (on-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365) and allows administrators to quickly understand and roll those changes back, if needed. In this short video, see how to:

  • Easily view suspicious changes across hybrid AD & Office 365
  • Stop hackers before they have a chance to act
  • Instantly rollback unwanted changes

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On-Demand Webinar

Active Directory Threat Detection: Keep Your Organization in Business

Cyberattacks, like ransomware, choose Active Directory (AD) as a prime target. Watch to learn more about identity threat detection and response (ITDR) and how to quickly detect, respond to, and even prevent attacks. 

Solution Brief

Protect Hybrid AD Before, During, & After Cyberattacks

To make AD secure, strategies such as zero trust and least-privileged delegation must be utilized to harden directories and minimize attack surfaces. Review these breakthrough Cayosoft solutions that will help you prepare for, defend against, and instantly recover from an attack.

Cayosoft Guardian

Cayosoft Guardian is the only solution to combine AD monitoring and backup across Microsoft environments. With Cayosoft Guardian, IT admins can quickly see, understand, and rollback mistakes or malicious changes to Active Directory objects, attributes, and settings.

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