Microsoft Groups Demystified: 5 Keys to Successful Group Management

On-Demand How are you handling Microsoft groups as you adopt more and more of the cloud? What should you do with your DLs? For hybrid environments, legacy groups can be a real struggle, and most organizations leave security groups in place while creating new ones in the cloud. Double the groups can mean double the […]

Cayosoft Guardian

This is the only solution to combine AD monitoring and backup across Microsoft environments. With Cayosoft Guardian, IT admins can quickly see, understand, and rollback mistakes or malicious changes to Active Directory objects, attributes, and settings, allowing your business operations to immediately recover without time-consuming recovery processes or incomplete backup files. Download PDF

Why Your Company Needs Third-Party Solutions for Office 365

A WHITE PAPER FROM OSTERMAN RESEARCH SPONSORED BY CAYOSOFT Microsoft Office 365 is a solid platform and its user base has grown 29% over a year 12-month period. Osterman Research found that many third-party solutions often present a better alternative to native management capabilities provided by the Office 365 platform. This white paper by Osterman […]

6 Methods to Optimize and Reduce Office 365 License Costs

Microsoft’s Office 365 platform provides dozens of options that can affect subscription price and user productivity. While these options allow customers to tailor the service to their specific requirements and budgets, each customer must make smart decisions about licensing so that optimum value is gained from Office 365. This paper provides guidance on how to: […]

Top 5 Hybrid Office 365 Management and Administration Mistakes

Tips to get the most from Office 365 and your hybrid environment without compromising organizational security and creating compliance risk or jeopardizing the sanity of the IT team In this new White Paper, you will discover: Why you need an Office 365 license management strategy and how to effectively manage it How to gain more […]

8 Truths and Tips: Protecting Azure Active Directory and Hybrid AD

IT teams must protect from insider threats, which can cause costly security breaches, and from outages, which can stop users from getting access to critical applications. Read the paper to see 8 truths and tips to help you: Better protect your environment Understand the gaps in native tools Plan for the inevitable recovery event Download […]

Combating Cyberattacks in 2022: Prepare to Defend Your Active Directory

On-Demand As seen in recent years, cyberattacks and the threat of ransomware continued to reach new heights in 2021. Not only that, but we also saw threat actors targeting critical U.S. infrastructure, like water treatment facilities, gas pipelines, and healthcare, as we’ve never seen before. It’s predicted that cybercrime costs the world $6 trillion annually. […]

State Replaces Quest® with Cayosoft for Secure Hybrid Management, 30% Lower Cost, and Higher Efficiency

Microsoft’s Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 platforms were mission critical to a large U.S. State’s Department of Information Technology (DOIT). Cayosoft Administrator was chosen by DOIT for completeness of hybrid administration capabilities, lower administrative burden and lower operating cost. Cayosoft Administrator is the only complete solution for Hybrid Microsoft Enterprise Management. The solution delivers […]

Cayosoft Administrator

While clear benefits drive IT to embrace Microsoft’s hybrid and cloud platforms, the move can jeopardize security, efficiency, and compliance goals. Legacy solutions that sustained these goals in the past cannot adapt easily to hybrid and cloud, and often become barriers to adopting these new platforms. Download PDF

Mednax Improves Enterprise Hybrid Microsoft 365 Security and Admin Efficiency

Overview Key Capabilities: True hybrid management with a single web portal that manages both Active Directory and Office 365 Secure delegation with strict access controls to service desk and junior administrators Simultaneously provision, manage or deprovision Active Directory and Office 365 user accounts Visibility, assignment and ongoing enforcement of Office 365 licenses Visibility and understanding […]