Simplifying Office 365 Management in Education

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The Office 365 Educational Challenge

Educational IT systems administrators face unique challenges around account provisioning rarely seen in other IT environments.  Over the course of each school year students join, move and leave the system. This means that every student account will be updated several times each year. These updates often include manual, time consuming and potentially error prone steps. The result is IT admins & help desk staff are overburdened and budgets are being stretched.  Adoption of solutions like Office 365 means account management becomes even more complex due to the hybrid mix of on-premises and cloud solutions and their disconnected admin interfaces.

The Office 365 Solution is Cayosoft Administrator

Simplifying Office 365 Management in EducationCayosoft Administrator is the ideal solution for simplifying Office 365 management in Education customers of all sizes. Unlike any other product on the market today – Administrator Suite was designed from the beginning with traditional on-premises, hybrid and cloud scenarios in mind. Automated account provisioning and de-provisioning, group management and group based license assignment for Active Directory, On-premises Exchange and Office 365 are some of the major advantages Cayosoft Administrator Suite offers.

  • Joiners – Students enroll or return from a previous school year, teachers are hired and retire. All of these scenarios require a user account be created or updated according appropriately. Cayosoft’s Administrator Suite can use information from Registration and HR systems like Banner, Skyward, PeopleSoft, Oracle HR or SunGuard and automatically provision Student, Facility and Staff accounts across systems like Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 so accounts are quickly created without a huge burden on IT staff.
  • Movers – Students change schools or majors they may need to be re-provisioned so that the access they need is appropriate for their new situation.
  • Suspensions – During vacation periods or when other events occur that require students be denied access the system accounts – those accounts need to be suspended so that security and best practices are continuously enforced. Cayosoft Administrator Suite has the unique capability to suspend and un-suspend individual students or groups of students when they should be denied access.
  • Leavers – As students graduate the accounts they have relied on for success may no longer be needed. Some institutions keep accounts for many years following a departure while others keep accounts for a specific period of time. Cayosoft’s Admin Assistant is designed for both scenarios and can not only Suspend accounts, but enforce retention policies as well.

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