Hybrid Office 365 Management and Protection for Government

Cayosoft Management & Protection for Microsoft Platforms
Federal, State and Local Government Solutions

For every government customer, Microsoft’s Office 365 offering brings the promise of huge operational benefits. Achieving these benefits, however, is often challenging because Office 365 management doesn’t easily map onto a multi-departmental or multi-agency distributed environment. Rarely can a governmental customer simply drop existing on-premises systems like Active Directory (AD) and go cloud-only. As such, these customers are left with a complex mix of management interfaces, security models, manual procedures, and complex scripts—all of which put operational goals in jeopardy.  

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Roles for granular delegation over on-premises AD, Exchange, and Office 365 tasks create the only least privileged model available today.

Rules control how tasks are performed.

Policies define drop-down lists and control data formats like phone numbers.

Management by OU or by “Virtual OUs” to partition your tenant like AD.


Excellent Compliance Controls to avoid material findings, meet compliance goals.

Office 365 License Quotas partition Office 365 tenant licenses by OU or by attribute based “Virtual OUs.”

Hybrid Analytic Dashboards reveals Office 365 license adoption by user, and ways to optimize your Office 365 license investment.

Change History shows all change made to an object including before and after values and who made the change and when.


Automate complex tasks and eliminates scripts.

Automated Hybrid User Provisioning and Deprovisioning eliminates costly errors and returns Office 365 licenses to your tenant.

Automatic Group Memberships with Rules to automatically keep any group accurate and up-to-date.

Self-Service Password, Employee and Group Management for cost savings.

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