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Why Cayosoft Instead of Semperis?

Semperis took on Series C $200M in funding in May 2022. With a huge 3rd round of investment, they are looking for massive growth in the coming years. But today there are a couple gaps you may want to understand before purchase.

Regardless if you’re a Semperis customer or considering becoming one, Semperis competitors, like Cayosoft, compare favorably in many key areas. To expedite a conversation, complete the form below.

Identity Governance– Improve identity security & user governance
– Roles, rules, & automation combine for powerful control
– Can audit & report on established roles but cannot create & modify more granular ones
– Cannot write rules to conform behavior
– Cannot build automations to simply remove human errors
Hybrid ManagementSingle console to manage on-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365, & Teams regardless if seeking roles, rules, automation, change monitoring, or AD recovery
No hybrid console for roles, rules, & automation
AD Forest RecoveryInstant AD forest recovery: patent-pending ability to recover your AD within minutes of a mistake, attack, or disaster!
– No instant AD forest recovery capability
– No multi-forest recovery without multiple deployments

Want to learn more about the differences between Cayosoft and Semperis?

Deeper Look Into the Technology

True Hybrid Administration

Native Microsoft tools for hybrid environments lead to frustrating complexity – up to 20+ separate consoles. Cayosoft Administrator delivers a single, powerful console for streamlined management of on-premises AD, Azure/Entra ID AD, Office 365, and Teams.


  • Accelerate IT: Slash hours spent managing Microsoft services
  • Prepare for future: One solution effortlessly adapts to evolving hybrid needs
  • Streamline costs: Replace per-service licensing with a single, consolidated product

Instant AD Forest Recovery — Patent-Pending Technology

Active Directory failures can cripple your business. Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery provides lightning-fast restoration, minimizing downtime after accidents, attacks, or disasters. Our unique approach automates backups, deployment, and daily testing – a major advantage over Semperis and other outdated recovery solutions.


  • Protect your business: Rapidly resume operations, safeguarding revenue and reputation – 10x faster than native or 3rd-party solutions
  • Eliminate error-prone tasks: Automated recovery greatly reduces admin workload and stress.
  • Ensure best practices: One-click recovery delivers on Microsoft’s 35+ recommended operations

Control Access

Take control of your Microsoft environment with Cayosoft Administrator. Break free from risky overprivileged accounts and empower your team with precisely defined roles. Delegate across on-premises AD, Azure AD, Office 365, and Teams for optimal security and efficiency.


  • Close security gaps: Stop giving every admin the keys to the kingdom.
  • Free up experts: Offload routine tasks to lower-level admins with confidence
  • Boost user satisfaction: Provide secure self-service options to reduce helpdesk tickets



Win Rate

With comprehensive solutions, exceptional support, and frequent releases it’s no surprise we have 99% customer retention and over 80% of customers choose Cayosoft over competitors, like Semperis.

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