Hybrid AD/Office 365 User Provisioning: Secure and Simplify Hybrid AD and Office 365

Manually managing the user lifecycle across hybrid Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, or Office 365 is complex, error prone, and insecure. Furthermore, improper user provisioning and deprovisioning processes can leave organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks and can be detrimental to compliance and IT efficiency goals. Strong, efficient controls must be implemented in order to keep business-critical […]

Unify Hybrid Active Directory and Office 365 Governance with Cayosoft’s Comprehensive Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Solutions

Microsoft platforms are critical for keeping organizations running properly, making its security a top priority for IT. However, managing hybrid Active Directory (AD) is complex, error prone, and time consuming, placing your IT goals at risk. To make matters worse, native tools don’t provide the required controls needed for secure, efficient governance across both on-premises […]

Bring Control to Hybrid AD and Office 365 with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

As security threats continue to rise, Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 owners must implement strong, yet efficient, controls to ensure AD can withstand cyberattacks and insider threats. Unfortunately, managing hybrid AD is complex, time consuming, and error prone. To make AD secure, strategies such as zero trust and least-privileged delegation must be utilized to […]

Zero Trust Identity Administration and Identity Resilience to Secure Hybrid Active Directory

On-Demand Managing hybrid Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) together is both complex and time-consuming. As the complexity of Microsoft environments continues to rise, the need to implement strong, yet efficient, security controls is critical. Organizations must enhance security measures to eliminate potential vulnerabilities, improve IT efficiency, and become more resilient to […]

Keeping Up With Azure AD Connect: Best Practices and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

On-Demand Azure AD Connect, also referred to as AAD Connect,is the most popular method used to synchronize users and groups from on-premises to cloud environments. Azure AD Connect is the foundation for the majority of hybrid identity infrastructures, but once its been installed, what’s next? Find out directly from the Microsoft identity and security experts […]

Microsoft 365 License Management and Optimization

Microsoft 365 provides dozens of license options, causing managing and optimizing licenses to be complex. Administrators must understand and configure a massive number of checkboxes to assign the correct licenses and access. To optimize investment in Office 365, administrators and IT teams must be able to identify and enact policies that will boost worker productivity […]

Least-Privileged Delegation

Cayosoft Administrator enables secure and simplified user management through least-privilege delegation. In this short video, see how to: Limit privileges & control access to prevent breaches Implement granular, least-privilege delegation with roles & rules Sustain compliance & efficiency objectives Check out these relevant resources. On-Demand Webinar Does Your Company Have a Zero Trust Approach to […]

Microsoft Teams Management

Microsoft Teams provides flexibility and reconfigurable integration with SharePoint and Office 365 groups, which can also make Teams management complex and time-consuming. Cayosoft brings administrative control and security to the chaos of Microsoft teams management. With Cayosoft Administrator and Guardian, secure and streamline your MicrosoftTeams security and administration. Download PDF

Management and Protection Suite

Purpose-built for modern Microsoft environments, the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite offers a complete solution for security, protection, and efficiency, by combining both Administrator and Guardian into one comprehensive package.

Keep Active Directory Hybrid and Cloud Groups Accurate

Cayosoft Administrator streamlines group management and allows you to on-premise Active Directory and Azure AD groups accurate and up to date. In this short video, you’ll see: Granular role & rule based access controls Automatic & dynamic group membership updates Elimination of error-prone & time-consuming manual processes Check out these relevant resources. Case Study Manhattan […]