New: Cayosoft Dynamic Groups for Automated Group Membership Management

Simplify Office 365 Management


Cayosoft Dynamic Groups for Office 365 & Active Directory

Accurate & Automated Office 365 Group Membership Management with Dynamic Group Rules

Cayosoft Dynamic Groups is the first automated Group Membership management solution for either Office 365Active Directory or both.  Dynamic Groups eliminates cost and problems associated with group membership management by defining rules that populate groups accurately and best of all automatically! 

Features & Benefits

  • Active Directory Not Required – Works with Office 365 alone, Active Directory alone or with Office 365 & Active Directory Together.
  • On-Going Enforcement Auditors Love – Once the rules are set, on-going enforcement keeps group memberships accurate for Sustained Security, Compliance and Efficiency.
  • Include or Exclude members by Query or by Name – Flexible Rules define the exact group members you want included and those that should never be allowed into the group.
  • Directory Sync Not Required – Dynamic Groups does not require directory synchronization to manage group memberships, but it can be used in conjunction with directory synchronization.
  • Works with all Group Types – Works with Office 365 Distribution Groups, Azure AD Security Groups, Active Directory Security & Distribution Groups and Exchange Distribution Groups.
  • Single Console Management – Single Administrative Interface for Dynamic Groups across Office 365 & Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Simple to Use – Browse Office 365 or Active Directory to Target a Group then define the Members based on attributes such as Department, Location or Job Title.

We hope you will take a moment and learn more about Dynamic Groups by visiting the product page where you can get the details or download a 30 day free trial! 

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