Microsoft PowerShell as Open Source

Microsoft Open Sources PowerShell, Drives Modernization and Opens Opportunities

In a bold move to make PowerShell more appealing and more available for non-windows systems, Microsoft has released PowerShell as Open Source.  At the same time, Microsoft also announced it will make PowerShell available on Linux one of the most popular implementations of a unix operating system. The open source project for powershell is available for download on GitHub.

For some time now, Cayosoft Administrator has supported managing unix/Linux enabled users that reside in Active Directory. By open sourcing PowerShell and making it available for Linux Microsoft has opened new possibilities both for both Microsoft and for software vendors like Cayosoft , that have built products specially to leverage PowerShell. Hear’s how…


Unlike legacy management tools, Cayosoft Administrator was specifically built to take full advantage of PowerShell and web services with modern and extensible architecture. So, Open Sourced PowerShell and PowerShell on Linux open opportunities to modern platforms seamlessly where legacy platforms must “bolt-on” extra code trying to incorporate these new capabilities.  In some cases, a “bolt-on” is not possible because of limitations in the legacy architecture.

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