Peer Insights Survey

Is Active Directory Forest Recovery Taken Serious Enough?

Cayosoft partnered with, the IT Professional Knowledgebase,  to learn more about Active Directory (AD) forest recovery. Over 1,000 IT professionals participated, from small, medium, and enterprise-sized organizations. The results revealed an alarming trend – many organizations do not understand how important AD is to their business operations. 

Key Findings:

  • 172% increase in forest-wide AD outages since 2021
  • 73% test their AD recovery less than once per month
  • 90% of enterprises must rebuild or have clean servers for recovery, lengthening the process
  • 70% expect to lose over $100k per day their AD is down, in lost labor expense alone

Above is a selection of key findings. For more in-depth information, view the full survey analysis. For the raw results from the survey, provided by the Research Lab.

Active Directory Outage Impacts

Your Active Directory (AD) contains vital user identities that are crucial to your business operations. When AD goes down, business is at a standstill, resulting in costly outages and lost business. AD outages have farther reaching effects than just loss of revenue. What impact would it have on your employees, suppliers, or customers?


Employee can’t work and lose access to:

  • Computers & email
  • Applications
  • Resources


Supply chain breaks. Suppliers lose:

  • Collaboration abilities
  • Visibility
  • Systems access


Customers can’t buy and lose access to:

  • Online buying
  • Account access
  • POS systems

Active Directory Forest Recovery Challenges

Active Directory (AD) has become a primary target for attackers to gain access to sensitive company information. AD is widely used by enterprises worldwide and is highly complex, making recovery a top priority for IT teams. 

Common recovery methods are problematic, increasing the likelihood of issues or failure during recovery. Some include: 

  • Require clean/new servers to recover to
    • Adding time to an already lengthy process
  • Not tested often enough
    • Testing is difficult and time consuming
  • 6+ hours before recovery can begin
    • Pick clean backup, build server (OS, network, drivers), and apply Windows Server (authoritative restore, metadata, DNS, replication cycle

Cayosoft Instant Active Directory Forest Recovery

Cayosoft’s instant Active Directory forest recovery is a patent-pending and modern approach to business continuity and cyberattack preparedness. With Cayosoft, you can recover your AD forests in minutes!

 Cayosoft’s patent-pending technology creates a standby forest, which is always available, clean, and ready to go. Cayosoft avoids recovery failures by automatically creating and testing backups daily, to ensure they will work. Cayosoft instant AD forest recovery was created specifically to minimize recovery time and reduce recovery failure, allowing your organization to get back to business as quickly as possible.