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Cayosoft Administrator is the complete solution for secure and efficient management of the Office 365 public cloud. Comprehensive and innovative, Cayosoft Administrator is designed to eliminate both time-consuming manual operations and complex scripts. It’s the only solution that provides the control needed to ensure your organization’s security and compliance goals are met. The powerful visibility and insight Cayosoft provides drives user adopting, maximizing the value returned from your Microsoft licensing investment. With all that and more, Cayosoft Administrator allows you and your team can focus on what truly matters.

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User Provisioning – Automate the creation of accounts one-by-one or from your company’s HR/ERP/SIS employee data. Assign Office 365 licenses, group memberships, and mailboxes; change settings, set policies, pre-provision OneDrive and more.

User Deprovisioning – Automate de-provisioning when users depart, revoke Office 365 licenses, clean-up groups, wipe mobile devices and more.

Delegation of Tasks – Assign only the commands needed by each administrator to perform his or her job. By limiting the actions each admin can take, a true least-privileged delegation model is created.

Administrative Units (AU)- Utilize AUs, which limit the number and type of users or resources each administrator can see and make changes to. Administrative Units are easily created based on Office, Department, City, or by Usage Location.

Enforce IT Policy – Improve admin efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes. Turn text fields into drop-down lists to avoid mistakes. Require specific settings to be chosen or specific fields to be filled out. Automatically generate sign-on names according to your organization’s standards.

Runbook Automation – Orchestrate individual tasks into more complex operations like user provisioning or de-provisioning. Validate or remediate security policies settings without complex workflows or hard-to-maintain scripting.

License Usage Analytics – Understand how each user is using key options of his/her Office 365 license and quickly identify potential costs savings.

Drive User Adoption –  Use the visibility provided by license usage analytics to adjust license assignments among users to better reflect their actual usage. Alternatively, apply targeting training to drive user adoption, increasing collaboration and efficiency among users.


Automatic Assignments – Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual license assignments with rule-based, automatic assignments. Allotting licenses by attribute (like department or country) or by group membership makes both initial assignments and license changes fast and easy.

Simplified Manual Assignments – Use licensing rules to  control which licenses are shown to administrators, which license options are hidden, which license options are required, and which are optional. Licensing rules are also configurable based on Administrative Unit Scope; for example, license type and the number of available licenses can be different between departments, domains or office locations.

Automatically Accurate Groups – Eliminate the time-consuming manual management of groups and the inevitable costly mistakes that come with it. With automatically-maintained group memberships, you sustain security, IT efficiency, and compliance goals.

Granular Membership Rules – Automatically update group memberships as users are added or changed with defined group membership rules. Groups can be configured to include or exclude users based on a variety of attributes and requirements, adding another layer of security.



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